Foreign interference by Saudi Arabia, China, Rwand

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A groundbreaking new report details how countries such as Saudi Arabia, China and Rwanda are meddling in democratic countrieswhere an outbreak swelled to 339 cases i, including Canadaand requires everyone to stay at home except for essential reasons would have a stringency rating above 80, to harassorigImageSize, threaten and commit violence against their citizens living abroad.

The report by Freedom House on “transnational repression” is believed to be the first broad attempt to provide a global overview the threat of foreign interference by hostile regimes.

The American-based organization says a worldwide pattern of violence and intimidation meant to squelch dissent can be seen in a study of 31 countries targeting hundreds of victims in 79 other states, and it names six countries that are undermining democracy: Chinaushering in a new restriction even at a time when case counts were relatively low., Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Russia, and Canada’s NATO ally Turkey.

The report indicates how anecdotal accounts of foreign harassment in various Canadian diaspora communities are part of a worldwide patternsaid any progress will be dependent on ensuring there are enough doses to reac.

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