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High quality home decoration, Carty doors and windows. Doors and windows are indispensable in home life. Doors and windows are the eyes of life. A family's living standard and living environment can often be seen from the costumes of doors and windows. Doors and windows play four major roles in the family

the accelerated pace of life makes everyone always make do with it. People make do with food, clothes and work. Although people seem to be working hard for a quality life every day, in fact, they are really far from a quality life. Is a quality life really what we understand in the traditional sense of living in a luxury house, driving a luxury car and wearing famous brands

comfort and health is our ultimate goal. Now the living standard has improved, and everyone pays attention to comfort and health. But health is far from formaldehyde. Household dust and noise are often important and invisible health killers. Heavy dust leads to more bacteria; What about comfort when there is a lot of noise? Are your Windows sound proof? Do you know the harm of noise only when there are children and old people living at home? To solve the problem of noise, or to upgrade the scheme or quality of doors and windows

most of the indoor noise is caused by the problems of air tightness and sound insulation of doors and windows. Similar to heat insulation, to solve the sound insulation of doors and windows (to ensure comfort, quiet and health at home), we advocate insulating glass, triple glass and tempered glass for glass; The window type is mostly flat or new swing window; Good materials are used for sealing accessories (such as rubber strips)

how important is energy conservation of doors and windows to building energy conservation? The data provided by industry experts is that at this stage, building energy consumption accounts for about 40% of the total social energy consumption

the vast majority of burglaries are caused by thieves entering the house through the external wall doors and windows. The light ones lose property and the serious ones hurt people, which has something to do with the fact that the profiles of the external wall doors and windows are generally not solid, the glass is simple and the accessories are simple. Therefore, choosing regular door and window manufacturers, qualified hardware accessories, and safe and environmentally friendly glass structures is the most important and basic in modern home safety. We should improve our correct understanding of doors and windows

the professional R & D team and production personnel of Cartier doors and windows carry out various safety indicators, sound insulation and environmental protection performance tests of door and window products in strict accordance with national standards. Adhere to good quality as the strongest guarantee of the brand! Provide high-quality and high-end products for consumers who have always supported and loved Cartier doors and windows




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