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understand the sound insulation volume of doors and windows. According to your own economic situation and actual needs, generally, the higher the sound insulation volume, the higher the quotation of sound insulation windows. However, the sound insulation volume should not be lower than 30dB. Assuming that your environment has severe noise pollution or high requirements for the indoor environment, you should also pay attention to the low-frequency sound insulation amount of doors and windows and the sound insulation amount of the lowest sound insulation frequency. Because the traffic sound insulation energy is concentrated in the low frequency, the low-frequency sound insulation function of doors and windows is its weakest link, which must form low-frequency sound leakage, which will eventually affect the sound insulation effect

soundproof windows are different from ordinary doors and windows in terms of material selection and technology. The glass, sealing materials and profiles used in high-volume soundproof windows are finalized through repeated experiments and inspections. The manufacturer should have the technology and engineering achievements of producing soundproof windows, and watch each other's soundproof window samples when necessary

in order to make your living environment play a significant role by replacing sound proof windows, you should ask the manufacturer to check the environmental noise source of your residence. Although it is all on the road, the road level is different, and the road traffic noise in urban areas and suburban areas is very different. For example, when selecting sound proof windows outside the Fourth Ring Road, you should consider the noise pollution of large trucks, and deal with this noise through repeated experiments. The low-frequency sound insulation amount of sound proof windows is not less than 27db. Therefore, the glass structure of sound proof windows should not be a single form, but should be planned according to the frequency characteristics of different noise sources. Ensure that the sound insulation function of the sound insulation window meets the requirements of governance

the overlapping amount between the window sash and the window frame directly affects the sound insulation function of the sound insulation window. The overlapping amount is usually not less than 9mm, and it is easy to form poor sealing and sound leakage if it is too small

the quality of the sealant strip directly affects the sound insulation amount of the sound insulation window. The sealant strip should choose soft, elastic and anti-aging materials. However, the function of the sealant strip is to seal the window without sound leakage. It is impossible to improve the sound insulation amount of the window by relying on the sealant strip. In order to prevent the sound insulation window from leaking due to cracks, the sealant strip of the window should be closed, and the four corners should not leave gaps. If there are gaps, sound leakage will also be formed

if your bedroom or living room is integrated with the balcony, the balcony is now sealed. You only need to add a sliding door in the balcony to achieve a certain sound insulation effect

dealing with the sound insulation and noise reduction of the room, the sound insulation of doors and windows is very important for the indoor sound environment, but the data and thickness of the external wall can not be ignored, because the data and thickness of the external wall will directly affect the sound insulation of the wall. If the sound insulation of your wall is not good, it will not work well if you only install sound insulation windows. Therefore, sound insulation treatment should also be carried out on the wall. For example, in the rooms along the railway and around the airport, when selecting sound insulation windows, attention should be paid to the sound insulation volume of more than 40dB, and the sound insulation volume of the sound insulation frequency should not be less than 30dB. Double layer sound insulation windows should be selected, with the outer windows rotating downward and the inner windows opening horizontally. The sound insulation of this structure can reach more than 50dB, and the room sound environment will be greatly improved after treatment

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