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Modern simple design, light luxury texture, not to show off praise, but to enjoy the beauty of life

modern style

is a style that pursues fashion and trend

attaches great importance to the layout of room space

the perfect combination of use function

modern simple design

light luxury texture

not to show off and praise

but to enjoy the beauty of life

don't spend a lot of money

but between flashiness and taste

get aesthetics and practicality

pay equal attention to life enjoyment

house type map

area: 100 square meters

living room

living room refers to the space for residents to receive guests, entertain, reunite and other activities

it usually includes a dining room and a living room

in modern decoration, the restaurant and living room are generally open and interconnected

the living room adopts the black marble texture of track as the background wall of the living room. Black, with its calm, calm and cool attributes, improves the style of the whole space

track gj-01

it is all black, which will appear dim. It is harmonic and bright with white, which makes the whole space appear more elegant

black and white collocation is the most classic and the least error prone, with a full sense of sophistication

track gj-01

a modern restaurant needs a sense of warmth, as well as practical, white walls and black-and-white dining tables, which are also full of sophistication. Decorated with flowers and green plants, the space is not so cold

track gj-01

the middle aisle is dotted with yellow track, which instantly lights up this space. Inject some vitality into the dining room and living room

track gj-08

master bedroom

modern style, bold color, light luxury texture, need quality foil. The bedroom with black-and-white and gray tones is somewhat too cold. The green thousand bird lattice adds a bit of vitality to it

thousand bird lattice and herringbone pattern, as classic elements, have been circulating for a long time, easily creating a light and luxurious modern space

Jazz jungle

jscl-18 jscl-04

the rest of the walls are decorated with silk charm series, which harmonizes the lighting of the whole space, and the blue colored curtains complement the wall cloth, creating a quiet and quiet bedroom

silk rhyme sy-06

secondary bedroom

the color system of the secondary bedroom is similar to the style of the master bedroom. Green gives people a sense of calm and peace. When matched with light colored wall cloth, the whole space is comfortable and natural

green is the color of life, beige is versatile and fashionable, and the wave point element is classic and durable

Jazz jungle

gscl-16 gscl-22


the gray oak bookcase makes the whole space feel calm. The light blue chair adds a bit of relaxation and leisure to the study. In leisure time, reading here is best

the wooden desk and the same color plant rack, dotted with green plants, make the study full of natural feeling. The gray style of track, with intricate lines, adds a bit of rationality to the study

track gj-31

(source: oushilai wallcovering)




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