A kind of oshilai wall cloth has a different taste

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Home is the starting point of happiness. A clean, tidy, comfortable and comfortable home can always make people feel better. Create a simple home with an oshilai wall cloth

what is happiness

maybe a thousand people have a thousand answers

even the intelligent voice assistant on the mobile phone can give you several different answers

everyone has different definitions of happiness

some people think it is difficult to find happiness

with "this" "That" I'm happy

just like the sentence "what you can't get is always in turmoil" in Eason Chan's song the red rose

, but some people feel that it's very happy to cherish the present

have me, Ta

three meals a day, four seasons

a simple home

home is the starting point of happiness

clean Comfortable and comfortable home

can always make people feel better

a wall cloth

a different taste of happiness

think about the midsummer dream

whether the dream can be realized

but always keep it, right

having a dream can always make the family work towards happiness.

light thinking to simple, the space where shadows are intertwined, Walking traces

have personality and artistic interest

meticulous texture, soft and cold and hard lines

warmth of home

412 - 13

no longer cold and hard lines

no longer empty white space

the world of birds and flowers

can always give people a taste of happiness

<220 - 19

regular lines

seem to flow.Space

the light green tone makes people feel fresh


track Floating light

warm tone

is gold with different depths

as if the wind blows over the wheat waves

oshilai, making the home happier

oshilai seamless wall cloth is green and environmentally friendly, and the process is produced with world-class advanced equipment. With years of experienced textile technology and patterns independently developed and designed, the product is unique, and the quality is assured and reliable

(image and text source: Ou Shilai wall cloth, invasion and deletion)





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