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Decoration first or wooden door first? Which order is better? In fact, decoration first is a traditional practice! So what are the benefits of buying wooden doors first and installing them later

benefits 1: it helps to accurately grasp the style

most "quasi decoration families" actually do not have much decoration experience, nor do they have formed design ideas. Many people only learn some basic knowledge from newspapers, the Internet or other people's homes, and only hold the house type diagram when communicating with designers, which leads to designers not being able to understand your preferences well, but just continue their original design style, Some even apply the original plan directly to the decoration

it's different to choose a designer after choosing a wooden door. You can take the designer to see the wooden door you like first and tell him the overall style you want, so that the designer can integrate the product into his design and unify the whole home style. The designer will also make some changes in the bedroom pattern according to the color of the wooden door, so that there will be no painful abandonment of some wooden doors in order to meet the design style

benefit 2: reduce unnecessary expenses

choosing wooden doors first is an effective way to control decoration costs. Everyone who has decorated knows that the final decoration style basically exceeds the original budget. Because in the process of decoration, there are often some additional items that cannot be prepaid, which will naturally consume more labor and materials. If the construction period is extended, you have to pay more money. After choosing the wooden door, you actually spent a lot of decoration costs, and the basic pattern has been determined, which will avoid many unnecessary additions

many people spend a lot on decoration, but when they buy wooden doors, they find that they can only buy some wooden doors with mismatched decoration style to make do with it, and the overall feeling of home decoration is extremely incongruous

benefit 3: save time and effort.

now most young people like online shopping. There are many online decors, materials and specifications, so you can let the manufacturer send samples. If there is a suitable one, you can decide it, so that the designer can have a goal, and you can save time and effort. Because it takes time to make and transport. However, the wooden door is fixed before the decoration. When the decoration is over, the wooden door can also be delivered. In this way, the time of moving can be at least half a month in advance. Why not

it should be emphasized here that it is not necessary to buy the wooden door immediately, but to determine the style, color, size, shape and price first. I hope all customers can find products they are satisfied with




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