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At present, there are a wide range of domestic aluminum alloy doors and windows brands, and the franchisees of aluminum alloy doors and windows are also confused when choosing brands. Many franchisees of aluminum alloy doors and windows will know some brands through various channels in the early stage, but after contacting the manufacturer, they can only start to understand. Franchisees almost know nothing about the manufacturer's planning and goods, so during the in-depth investigation, understanding the company and production base is the key. In this regard, aluminum alloy doors and windows franchisees have three key factors to consider when selecting brands

only according to the brand implementation method tailored by the company itself, can our own brand show its unique personality in many brands in the mall and create more brand value for the company. At present, small and medium-sized companies indisputably occupy the mainstream of shopping malls in China. For small and medium-sized companies, it is almost impossible to gain competitive advantage through "building core technology" in the short term, so the homogenization of commodities has become a widespread problem faced by many small and medium-sized door and window companies

differentiation of commodity sales is the foundation of brand promotion

sell similar commodities differently, that is, to differentiate commodity sales, and to establish the cognition of brand personalization in the minds of consumers. As long as there is no competition, it is the best competition. If most door and window companies can successfully achieve this kind of promotion, it will not only help the company quickly occupy the mall, but also help the company gradually establish a self-supporting brand, cultivate customers' loyalty to the commodity brand, and further help the company expand its influence by means of word-of-mouth communication

the door and window profession has experienced many years of development, from satisfying the functionality at the beginning to satisfying the taste needs and cultural needs of consumers. Door and window products are constantly updated, and professional competitions are becoming increasingly fierce. As long as door and window companies improve brand awareness and turn public praise into competitiveness, they can use good products to move consumers. Corporate word-of-mouth communication refers to an informal interpersonal communication about a commodity, brand, arrangement and service by a non-commercial communicator and receiver with perceived information

door and window companies need to pay attention to the construction of brand word of mouth

brand word of mouth is a brand image that exists in the form of word of mouth and a way of dynamic reflection of the brand. Its specific embodiment includes people's oral praise of the brand, people's various discussions and evaluations of the brand (there may be both positive and negative, and some oral legends of the public about the brand (forming the foundation of brand loyalty and even brand worship)

as for door and window brands, brand word-of-mouth can stimulate, guide and progress positively. When building brand word-of-mouth, the most difficult and most difficult thing to control is online word-of-mouth construction. Specific measures for online word-of-mouth construction include collecting and preparing online word-of-mouth materials, participating in word-of-mouth discussions on the online expression platform, monitoring the content and change trend of the brand's word-of-mouth Conduct early warning and observation of online word-of-mouth for brands, put forward and formulate improvement proposals in time, and launch online word-of-mouth events at an appropriate time

door and window companies need to get out of the misunderstanding of word-of-mouth publicity

looking at all door and window occupations, only a handful of companies can really do a good job of word-of-mouth publicity. Most companies have misunderstandings about word-of-mouth publicity, while some companies believe that word-of-mouth is "wine is not afraid of deep alleys", and consumers will naturally help brands automatically introduce themselves if the quality is good; There are also some companies that think that doing word-of-mouth is advertising and shouting. Companies talk about their own products without a point. They say more about after-sales service, quality monitoring and advertising, that is, their own products are good, service is good and quality is excellent. These two kinds of companies are extreme and one-sided. Originally, as a way of publicity, word-of-mouth promotion also includes some tricks and tactics promoted by shopping malls. To do a good job in word-of-mouth publicity, it is necessary to operate with strategic thinking, cautious emotions and certain tricks in order to get twice the result with half the effort

door and window companies should go out of the misunderstanding of word-of-mouth publicity and turn word-of-mouth into a strong market competitiveness. Only in this way can talent occupy a place in the increasingly fierce market competition

in a word, positive word-of-mouth communication affects consumers' purchase decisions, and also improves consumers' expectations of door and window goods and services. In order to continue to satisfy customers, door and window companies need to continue to innovate to improve the quality of goods and services to meet customers' progressive spending expectations

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