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As soon as the community was completed, a decoration company came to the door and said it would provide services. Under the repeated promises of the decorators, 48 owners of the blue tone Yipin community near Changchun Road, Urumqi handed over the decoration work to a decoration company called "Xinjiang fuyu'an Decoration Design Co., Ltd.". (according to Xinjiang Metropolis Daily on November 24)

it's really annoying that 48 homeowners "were robbed" of millions of decoration funds, which are all "hard-earned money" of 48 homeowners. In the words of ordinary people, immorality, immorality and unconsciousness. It turned out that ordinary people have some words about the high cost of buying a house, and how can they not be angry when they encounter such a thing

according to the report, after the 48 owners called the police, the police said that this was an economic dispute case, which needed to be brought to the court. No matter whether the decoration funds of 48 households with a million yuan can be recovered, this case alone is enough for people to get experience and lessons from it. On the surface, the owner signed an agreement with the decoration unit, with written evidence as evidence, and gave the money to the decoration unit, thinking that there was no "worry behind", but in fact, the decoration company may have exploited such a loophole. Let you believe that we signed the agreement. The 48 owners may have relaxed the qualification certification of decoration units. As a result, the decoration unit took away millions of yuan and found nothing. If the decoration unit is certified and its qualification is confirmed to be credible, then an agreement will be signed with the decoration unit. This will avoid being "cheated" and "cheated". If the owner signs an installment with the decoration unit instead of paying 80% to 90% of the decoration money, the decoration company may not be so ruthless and disappear in people's sight with millions of decoration money

on the surface, 48 owners have suffered losses, or temporary losses. I believe that under the protection of the law, the owners' decoration funds will eventually come to a conclusion, but it also gives people a reminder and warning. Although the relationship between the owner and the decoration unit belongs to normal private exchanges, and signing an agreement for the decoration of the house is in line with legal procedures, the disappearance of millions of money from the decoration unit is enough to teach a lesson. That is, does the agreement signed by both parties need a third-party notary and guarantee unit? Whether the buyer and the seller settle accounts at one time or not requires a clear regulation. In many decoration units, do you need to standardize and strengthen management

if the decoration unit mentioned in the report escapes with a large sum of money and violates the law, will it be severely punished. Do not speak of credibility, infringe on the rights of others, and it is necessary to mix in the decoration market? If it is just an economic dispute, should we also give a clear response to the public





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