Analysis on the packaging of tourism commodities

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Analysis on the packaging of tourism commodities

tourists can take away nothing except tourism commodities and their impression and feeling of the tourism destination when they consume at the tourism destination. Therefore, tourism commodities have become the main media to transmit the information of the tourism destination. Well made tourism commodities not only leave tourists with a pleasant feeling, but also enrich the cultural essence of the tourist destination, so that the relatives and friends of tourists have a preliminary understanding of the good image of the tourist destination; However, the production of poor tourism commodities not only fails to stimulate tourists' consumption desire, but also is harmful to the image of the tourist destination. The packaging of tourism commodities is closely connected with its internal products, which can be said to be dependent on lips and teeth. In a sense, it can also be said to be the relationship between form and content. Although the content determines the form, the form will also affect the content, so the packaging design of tourism commodities should be linked with the internal products, and the two complement each other

nowadays, packaging design is becoming a discipline based on culture, life and modern orientation. Therefore, the packaging design of tourism commodities should also be regarded as a cultural form. Strengthening the cultural nature of its design, enriching the connotation of tourism commodities and improving the cultural taste of commodities will play a vital role in improving the sales of tourism commodities

1 local characteristics should be reflected.

the packaging of tourism commodities is lack of individuality, and the packaging is identical; The brand awareness of tourism commodity production and marketing enterprises is not strong, and the brand management and scale management cannot be implemented after the launch of new products, giving the imitations an opportunity to take advantage of, so that tourists are at a loss when buying; To have the consciousness of "uniqueness" and "uniqueness", the packaging of tourism commodities should be "unique to me" and "unique to me", integrating nationality, locality, knowledge, interest and commemoration. Because most tourism commodities are reserved by tourists for commemoration, appreciation, collection or gifts to relatives and friends. They are a kind of "unlimited consumption" with great flexibility. A good tourism commodity can often cause people to miss and yearn for a place; Although the landscape is immovable, it can transcend time and space with the help of high-grade tourism commodities, so that people can enjoy beauty. If we want to make tourism commodities not only have local characteristics, but also break through the original mode and create new ideas, we should not only work on the theme, content, design and function of tourism commodities, but also on the packaging

2 have the awareness of high-quality packaging

tourist souvenirs are small commodities, but they are by no means synonymous with rough manufacturing. Tourist souvenirs should have a sense of high-quality goods and be able to take them out. If a tourist souvenir with good creativity is rough, even if it is an exclusive business, its sales will be greatly reduced. Like other commodities, value for money tourist souvenirs will have a market. After visiting the world-famous Terra Cotta Warriors of Qin Dynasty in Xi'an, I wanted to buy some exquisite souvenirs to take back as a souvenir, but I didn't do it for a long time. The imitation Qin bronze chariots and horses are poorly made, and the packaging is not up to grade, which can not reflect the local characteristics; Some of the handicrafts are slightly exquisite, but the packaging is very simple. People can only carry them in bags, which really undermines the reputation of the Qin Terra Cotta Warriors as the "eighth wonder of the world". Lintong friends told me that there are many unique souvenirs in Lintong. For example, the villagers' embroidery crafts are very unique, with fine production and a wide variety, which are deeply favored by tourists at home and abroad. However, due to the rough packaging, it can not sell at a good price in the market. Lintong Huojing persimmon, pomegranate and other local specialties also have packaging problems. It can be said that "the emperor's daughter can't marry out of a golden virgin's ragged shirt". Some friends have traveled abroad and brought back some valuable handicrafts, which are well made and beautifully packaged, and have the value of commemoration and collection. However, our simple and unsophisticated packaging really makes tourists feel its precious artistic value and cultural taste, and the corresponding economic value is greatly reduced. The gold foil made by Shanghai Shenguang jewelry Technology Co., Ltd. is different from the traditional gold foil. It inlays gold and silver together, with novel materials and high precision. It has been sold well in tourist attractions in Jiangsu and Zhejiang; Many products of Yongheng Craft & gift company are designed by computer. The crystal surface treatment uses the jewelry processing technology for reference, and the metal inlay achieves the micro carving effect. For example, a number of world-famous building models, such as the Eiffel Tower and Sydney Opera House, are elaborately made with artificial crystal, and export orders continue to flow. These are successful experiences. Tourism commodities must pay attention to packaging. As the saying goes, "people want clothes and Buddha wants gold". The packaging of tourism products should be artistic and gift compatible, with both local and artistic characteristics. Artistry requires beautiful, exquisite and exquisite shapes. Gifts stress patterns and auspicious words. It is suitable for reciprocity, and both hosts and guests are happy. This is also a necessary prerequisite for tourism commodities to become high-quality products

periodic signal is a function of displacement X. 3 it should have cultural connotation

culture is the connotation and soul of tourism, and tourism is the carrier and manifestation of culture. For tourists, tourism is to experience local customs. Due to differences in lifestyle and ideas, the more "local characteristics" of commodities, the easier it is to attract tourists. Therefore, it is necessary to integrate the design of local culture into the packaging. Of course, the culture of packaging design at this time does not only refer to the local national tradition, but a complex coexisting with the times. The packaging of neighboring Japan is worth learning from. Looking closely at Japanese packaging design, it is not difficult to find that Japanese packaging is not only pleasing to the eye, but also quite cultural. The pattern style, text form and color use all show a strong "harmony wind", which seems casual, but in fact, the carefully arranged dots, lines and surfaces fully show the emptiness and verve of Japanese traditional culture. However, Japanese packaging is not just nationalization. Its pattern distribution, text arrangement and color matching make people have no doubt about its sense of the times. Those dots, lines and surfaces also have the boldness and forthrightness of western culture. The success of Japanese packaging lies in fully carrying forward the superior value of traditional culture. At the same time, the price fluctuation of domestic finished paper is limited to the price of imported finished paper. It also absorbs the essence of western culture and design in an all-round way, and can be cleverly combined. The traditional packaging of various nationalities in China has various forms, unique shapes, distinctive decorative styles and strong local style. How to turn it into a selling point in the market is an important challenge in the current packaging design. Some familiar daily necessities will also become best-selling tourism commodities after being packaged with national flavor

4 the design should pay attention to the convenience of automatic feeding equipped with a special sample sending device

the packaging design of tourism commodities should also consider the word "tourism" of tourism commodities. The journey is long and arduous, and the journey from train to ship to plane is tight. Therefore, tourism commodities must embody the words "small, light, fast and smart", which are easy to carry and keep. A few days ago, Mr. Qian and his family, who lived in Beijing, went to Shanghai for a tour. When his son was playing at the Oriental Pearl TV Tower TV Tower, he bought a model of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower TV Tower as a souvenir and took it back to the kindergarten to show the teachers and children. But before they set foot on the plane back to Beijing, this tourist souvenir had "lame arms and broken legs", which made the children very unhappy. According to the survey, 52% of the people who spend on tourism shopping pointed out that the packaging of tourism commodities is poor, which is inconvenient to carry, give gifts and collect. One of the functions of packaging is convenient to carry, which is particularly important in tourism. While visiting, tourists should buy some small commodities that can be taken with them for commemoration or for future use. At this time, the packaging design of tourism commodities should be put in the position of consumers. With the fierce competition in the modern market, the main reason why many goods sell well is that they are easy to carry and easy to use. Some bulky and inconvenient goods often spoil the interest of tourists during the journey. Even if people like them again, they will consider the difficulties on the way and flinch. Therefore, packaging design pays attention to details, which seems to be convenient for consumers to consider the details. In fact, it not only creates opportunities for commodity sales, but also conveys the deep concern of commodity packaging for human nature and living environment. This silent concern reflects a deep cultural connotation. In order to develop tourism products, Evian mineral water in France redesigned its packaging in 1999, based on the fact that many consumers want the product to be portable and have a fashionable appearance when walking. The new package has a hand print depression in the middle of the bottle, which is convenient to carry. The pull ring on the top is connected with a straw, which is convenient to drink. This design breaks the design of most bottled water and places the bottle mouth on the side of the top of the bottle. The design is considered to be the first time to consider from the perspective of consumers. The practical and beautiful creativity reflects the deep humanistic connotation of the design. The package has been popular since it came into the market and is considered as a close companion for traveling. Packaging not only embodies a deep humanistic connotation, but also plays a subtle role in establishing consumer brand preference and loyalty

accounts for about 30% of the current total production capacity.

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