The thermal effect of the hottest laser can remove

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The thermal effect of laser can bring new changes to UHV high-altitude operation.

it is reported that in windy weather, foreign matters such as plastic film, sunshade film and fishing may be entangled and hung on the conductor of the transmission line, which is easy to lead to a significant reduction in the insulation performance of the line. The research also shows that it will lead to a short circuit of the transmission line and a power outage

at present, there are 11 UHV and trans regional power lines in Huzhou, with a length of 817.7 km, including 6 1000 kV lines, 2 ± 800 kV lines and 3 ± 500 kV lines, which are the main corridors of West to East power transmission, Three Gorges power transmission and Anhui to East power transmission, and the main convergence of East China Power East-West connection. Therefore, △ e=[r1r2/(r1+r2) 2] △ r1/r1- △ r2/r2+ △ r3/r3- △ r4/r4) U has become a rare point in China with complete voltage levels Power transmission core area with dense power distribution. Among them, six UHV lines in Huzhou deliver 27.682 billion kwh to East China every year. It is reported that the UHV "Taihu corridor" starts from Changxing County, Huzhou City in the West and ends in Nanxun District in the East, with a total length of 110km and a rated transmission capacity of 29.8 million KW. In recent years, guohuzhou power supply company has adhered to both civil air defense and technical defense, introduced advanced technologies such as helicopters and UAVs, and implemented three-dimensional inspection of the UHV Taihu corridor to ensure the safe and stable operation of UHV in an all-round way. This year, Huzhou Power Supply Company, Zhejiang Tailun Power Group Co., Ltd. and Tsinghua University jointly developed a laser remote foreign matter removal instrument, which added another safety weapon for the safe and stable operation of UHV transmission lines

laser remote foreign body removal instrument is based on laser ", the portable design is adopted. By adjusting the optical power and optical power density, the output laser is collimated and focused by the lens to irradiate the plastic film, sun shading film, fishing and other foreign matters on the line. The thermal effect of the laser is used to remove the foreign matters, so as to realize remote and non-contact operation. The maximum effective operation distance can reach 200m. The operation is simple and convenient, but there is no damage to the electrical equipment.

compared with the traditional manual operation after power failure, this technology The foreign matters can be eliminated when the 1000 kV high-voltage transmission line is live. At present, the transmission load of single circuit of UHV 1000 kV transmission line is 5million kW. Using this technology can save 3.5 hours of line power failure each time and reduce power failure by 17.5 million kwh, which is equivalent to reducing power loss by 8.75 million yuan. The successful application of this technology not only ensures the safe and stable operation of transmission lines, but also improves the operation and maintenance level of UHV transmission lines, improves the efficiency of hidden danger removal, and reduces the safety risk of high-altitude operation

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