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The status quo of domestic packaging export the printed matter exported by China is mainly divided into commercial printed matter, publishing printed matter and packaging and decoration printed matter from the functional point of view. The latter has a strong momentum of development in recent years

1. Packaging export mode

at present, there are three main modes of packaging export. The first mode is "goods made in China" + "packaging printed in China". The most typical example is the goods of national brands, such as Changhong, Midea and other household appliances

Mr. lizhiwei, packaging and printing branch of China printing and equipment industry association, said that China's export commodities are generally light industry, food, beverage, medicine, health care products, cosmetics, home appliances, clothing, toys, etc., and the packaging is matched with the export commodities, mainly paper, plastic, glass and metal packaging, of which the most are high-grade paper boxes and cartons with low quantity and high strength

the second mode is "products made by multinational companies in China" + "packaging printed in China". The products are packaged and then sold around the world. This model benefited from the rapid development of China's economy. Multinational companies moved their factories to China, which greatly stimulated the demand for packaging. For example, Guangdong Zhongshan Huanya plastic packaging and Printing Co., Ltd., with a total investment of US $16million, has introduced advanced high-speed automatic blow molding machines from Germany and Switzerland Netstal full-automatic high-speed injection molding machines to produce packaging for products such as Hafez, Piao Rou and Sassoon of P & G

the third mode is "international businesses directly purchase packaging and decoration prints in China". The main reason is that international businesses take a fancy to the "printed in China" packaging with low price and good quality. For example, Hasbro and Mattel, two major toy companies in the United States, are seeking qualified partners in China

after exploring the three modes, we are glad to find that the printing cost of Chinese packaging is low, and domestic enterprises also love the international market

2. There are three main ways for Chinese packaging and printing enterprises (including joint ventures, foreign-funded and Hong Kong funded enterprises) to undertake foreign orders. One is an enterprise with a certain scale and strength. It has an international marketing department in Europe, America, Japan and other countries and resident salespeople to undertake orders from foreign customers. Such as Xingguang printing (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Hongxing printing (China) Co., Ltd. and other famous printing enterprises

secondly, foreign-funded companies with European and American backgrounds, as a bridge between foreign end users and Chinese packaging and printing enterprises, deliver live parts to domestic enterprises according to the requirements of foreign customers after receiving orders from European and American customers. The most representative companies are all inclusive and ShuoKe, which are equipped with technical service personnel in China to provide full service to foreign customers

another way is for enterprises to take advantage of the opportunities of domestic and foreign exhibitions to promote their products and achieve the purpose of attracting foreign orders

3. Packaging export pattern

from a regional perspective, packaging export is mainly concentrated in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and other places, while Hong Kong funded enterprises and foreign enterprises act as the main force of packaging export. For example, Xingguang printing (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. has an annual output value of foreign single printing of HK $600million to HK $700million; Shenzhen Lijia group, a Hong Kong funded enterprise, operates cosmetics packaging, boxes, toy packaging and corrugated boxes, with an annual sales volume of 700million yuan, and 90% of its products are exported to foreign countries

private enterprises are also a force that can not be ignored. This standard is based on the national standard gb11945 (1) 989 autoclaved lime sand bricks. Zhongshan Zhangjiabian enterprise group of Guangdong Province is a joint venture with Hong Kong Weida company. It mainly promotes high-grade packaging and decoration paper products, which are exported to Japan and North America with a sales volume of HK $70million

from the perspective of local economy, export-oriented printing enterprises have an obvious role in promoting the development of local economy. A typical example is Heshan yatushi Printing Co., Ltd., which has played an obvious role in promoting the local economy in Heshan, not only providing more than 10000 employment opportunities, but also stimulating the local economy. Therefore, it is of great significance to develop packaging export

breaking through non-tariff trade barriers

after China's accession to the WTO, domestic enterprises not only enjoy the relevant trade preferential terms, but also taste the bitterness. Recently, the US portable bag Commission for retail commodities filed an anti-dumping application against PE bags exported from China. During the Bush administration, 21 of the more than 200 anti-dumping laws were enacted against China. In order to protect the interests of their products, Japan, Europe and the United States usually set up some technical barriers to trade, such as "green trade barriers" and emerging "social trade barriers". How to break through these trade barriers is related to whether domestic enterprises can successfully open the door to the international market. Through relevant certification, it has become a pass for domestic enterprises to enter the international market. The following types of certification are common

o9000 quality management system certification

when international customers hand over packaging orders to domestic enterprises, they are most concerned about quality and production capacity. Obviously, quality is the main factor affecting whether packaging products can enter the international market. Passing the ISO9000 quality management system certification has become an important weight for international customers

according to lijiaxiang, a consultant of the National Printing Standardization Technical Committee, ISO9000:2000 adopts the "PDCA" method. P (Planning) establishes necessary objectives and processes for providing results according to customer requirements and organizational policies; D (Implementation): implementation process; C (inspection): monitor and measure the process and products according to the policies, objectives and product requirements, and report the results; A (division a supports Ningbo to meet major national strategic needs): take measures to continuously improve process performance. The process is as follows

1. Select and determine the consulting and certification body, and inspect whether the body is recognized by the State Bureau of quality and technical supervision and the National Accreditation Committee of China quality system certification body, so as to ensure that the obtained certificate has legal effect. The consultation and certification bodies shall be determined separately and shall not be conducted at the same time

2. Overall planning: the main work is to publicize and implement relevant ISO9000 standards, train internal auditors, formulate overall arrangements, and clarify the responsibilities and authorities of the organization

3. Identify, define processes, and build networks

4. Standardize and build the quality management system

5. Commissioning and internal audit

6. Audit certification

7. Post certification supervision

Mr. Li believes that although China has adopted a large number of multimedia teaching, some printing enterprises only certify in order to obtain certification certificates, they have not strictly implemented the ISO9000 quality management system in their daily work. Mr. Li called on the whole industry to improve self-discipline, change the impetuous concept of certification for certification, and carry out the quality management system to the end. After all, when international customers inspect the production capacity of domestic enterprises, they often visit domestic factories suddenly. Only enterprises that are strict with themselves and act in line with their words and deeds can gain the patronage and trust of international customers

o14001 environmental management system certification

due to the improvement of environmental awareness, the government, enterprises and organizations will give priority to the products of enterprises with good environmental performance when purchasing packaging and decoration printing materials. In this way, as a market standard, enterprises that have obtained ISO14001 environmental management system certification will have greater market advantages. In particular, Japan, Europe and the United States and other developed countries often take this as a "green trade barrier". To break through the "green trade barrier", we must obtain the ISO14001 standard certification

packaging and printing enterprises can identify more than 200 environmental factors when implementing ISO14001 standard. Mr. Li believes that the core of ISO14001 environmental management system is "clean production". In the printing process, materials with low toxicity or non toxicity, low pollution or no pollution are selected to save resources, coexist harmoniously with the environment and create a clean and comfortable production environment. A few printing enterprises in China have passed ISO14001 certification, and Shanghai Zidan Printing Co., Ltd. is the one that passed the certification earlier

8000 certification

social accounting 8000 is abbreviated as SA 8000, which means social standard. It is the world's first international standard of ethics. It aims to ensure that the products supplied by suppliers meet the requirements of social standards

sa 8000 standard is applicable to companies of different sizes around the world and in any industry. It is a set of international standards that can be audited by a third-party certification body based on the same basis as ISO9000 quality management system and ISO14000 environmental management system to promote the production and utilization of bio based plastic products

sa 8000 standard is a set of international standards that have reached a global consensus. Its requirements include: ① child labor, ② forced labor, ③ health and safety, ④ the right to organize trade unions and collective bargaining, ⑤ discrimination, ⑥ disciplinary measures, ⑦ working hours, ⑧ wages, and ⑨ management system

faced with increasing public awareness and pressure from non-governmental organizations, many importers in Europe and North America have drafted their own business ethics to ensure that packaging enterprises comply with social ethics standards in the production process

in the real world, international customers do not trust the SA 8000 certificate when choosing partners. They often go to the domestic factory workshops for field visits to understand the employees' working hours, treatment, working environment and other corporate social and ethical behaviors. In the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta, which are important export cities, SA 8000 certification has attracted great attention of export enterprises. After all, the "Wal Mart incident" in february2004 has sounded an alarm for foreign trade export enterprises

pay attention to packaging cultural differences

as different countries and nations have different packaging cultural characteristics, packaging export enterprises should identify different cultural differences and national habits in order to successfully enter the international market. Liangzujiang, deputy general manager of QA Department of wonderful packaging (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., believes that if domestic enterprises want to successfully enter the international market, they must pay attention to cultural differences and relevant regulations of European and American countries

Mr. liangzujiang believes that different countries have different requirements for packaging and decoration

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