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Over the past few decades, China's printing industry has repeatedly set brilliant records and continued to make great strides at an amazing speed. However, with the great changes in the world economic environment, the US debt crisis and the European debt crisis have erupted one after another, leading to profound shocks in the global economy. In addition, domestic social changes have led to deep adjustment of the industrial structure, and uncertainty in the future has gradually emerged. Therefore, more and more printing enterprises began to struggle with the transformation and innovation of business model. The dialogue between the general managers of the four regions in Heidelberg China and the media centered on this topic

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relevant leaders of Guangdong Publishing Bureau said that the cultural industry should be promoted in Guangdong without the printing industry. The generous remarks made by tanhaohui, general manager of Heidelberg Shenzhen office at the beginning of the talks undoubtedly boosted the confidence of all present. Since 2008, China's printing industry, which has maintained a rapid growth trend, has begun to face unprecedented external pressure. The shock of the global economic environment has profoundly affected the outsourcing business of printing enterprises; Internally, the continuous expansion of production capacity has led many printing enterprises to fall into the quagmire of insufficient orders, falling wages and declining profit margins. Especially in the field of books, periodicals and business printing, the rise of digital media and e-commerce has changed people's reading habits and the marketing mode of enterprises, which has exacerbated the escalation of the contradiction between supply and demand in the printing market

in the face of the deep-seated changes in market demand, more and more book and business printing enterprises began to take precautions, hoping to seek a new profit engine outside the existing business through transformation, and packaging and printing has become the only choice for many enterprises in their transformation. The northern region (including the north of the Yangtze River, plus Chongqing, Sichuan and Guizhou) is one of Heidelberg's traditional advantageous markets. Liruokun, general manager of Beijing office, said that due to historical reasons, more than 70% of Heidelberg's customers in the northern region are mainly engaged in publication printing, but the trend of transformation to packaging printing in recent years is obvious. For example, a customer of Heidelberg in Shijiazhuang used to have a variety of business types, doing everything in periodicals and brochures. Later, he turned to focus on drug packaging and printing. With the help of Heidelberg, he conducted process reengineering, and now he is doing very well. Huanglianguang, general manager of Shanghai office, also gave a case in East China. Hangzhou Fuchun printing, which originally focused on books and business printing, started its transformation three years ago, during which it introduced Heidelberg speedpa CD 102 six color plus light printing machine, successfully entered the field of packaging printing and opened up a new path of profit. Huanglianguang added that the development of printing enterprises in East China in the field of packaging and printing in recent years can be described as a hundred flowers bloom. It is not only the transfer of books, periodicals and business printing to packaging and printing, but also the business innovation of some enterprises that originally focused on packaging and printing, such as changing from paper packaging and printing to plastic packaging and printing, and expanding from plastic printing to three-dimensional special printing. Such cases are numerous and numerous

why has packaging printing become a hot spot in the printing market in just a few years? Cailiancheng, CEO of Heidelberg China Co., Ltd., may have revealed the secret: it benefits from the development of China's economy, the improvement of people's living standards, and the market's increasingly high requirements for packaging and printing quality and technology

packaging is an indispensable coat for commodity circulation and sales, so it has good growth potential in China, where the consumption capacity and consumption level of residents are rising rapidly. Liruokun, general manager of Beijing office, provided us with two figures. During the 11th Five Year Plan period, China's packaging and printing output value reached 450billion yuan, and it is expected to reach 600billion yuan during the 12th Five Year Plan period. According to the statistical report of Pira, it is estimated that by 2014, the compound annual growth rate of the packaging and printing market in the world will be 5.6%, while that in China will be 9.6%, ranking the second in the world (India is 10.6%). The rapid growth and huge development space have prompted more and more enterprises to devote themselves to the field of packaging and printing

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for many books, periodicals and business printing enterprises looking forward to transformation and upgrading, packaging and printing is like a cake full of fragrance, but the cake is delicious and hard to eat. For the enterprises transforming into the field of packaging and printing, they not only have to face the expansion of business, but also the whole business process from pre press, printing to post press processing must be transformed and even rebuilt according to the characteristics of packaging and printing products, which is not a small challenge. As the world's leading printing solution supplier, the general managers of the four regions in Heidelberg China said in the exchange that Heidelberg has enough talents and technical foundation to help customers enter the packaging and printing field

in the impression of many Chinese printers, the advantages of Heidelberg printing press seem to be more prominent in the field of books and business printing. For this, Huang, general manager of Shanghai office, did not consider the section contraction; Therefore, Lian Guang said that in fact, Heidelberg has made great efforts in the field of packaging. In order to better meet the market demand, Heidelberg has always adhered to the innovation of products and services; In order to help customers timely understand the market development trend and keep up with the pace of technological updates, Heidelberg also actively carries out various forms of market activities to provide an open and effective communication platform for practitioners. Tanhaohui, general manager of Shenzhen Office in South China, used figures as evidence. He said that 70% of Heidelberg's customers in South China are mainly engaged in packaging and printing. These customers have excellent performance in the export commodity packaging and domestic packaging markets. Their service targets include apple, Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and other international well-known brands. In the field of cigarette package printing in South China, Heidelberg's market share is also far ahead. The case of chenzhenquan, general manager of the Hong Kong office, is more convincing. He said that Hongxing group, a leading enterprise in the field of packaging and printing in China, has introduced five Heidelberg 6+1 printing machines in just two years

tanhaohui said: in the face of the great development of China's cultural industry in the future, Heidelberg will make every effort to provide customers with the most comprehensive and considerate services. Printing enterprises in South China often have strict requirements for packaging products from design to quality, and Heidelberg has always been committed to providing customers with maximum technical support and services to help them grow steadily. Heidelberg's outstanding performance in the packaging and printing market in South China has added a lot of confidence for liruokun to help customers in the North achieve business transformation. He said that Heidelberg has advanced technology and equipment, complete digital workflow, packaging software and even consulting services for customers. However, it is a great challenge for us and our customers to customize practical solutions according to the characteristics of customers. The experience of the South China team in serving packaging and printing customers can be described as a valuable resource, which can provide us with very useful help

in the face of the increasingly heated packaging and printing market, the four regional leaders of Heidelberg are full of confidence not only in their existing solid market foundation, but also in their continuous innovation of packaging and printing solutions. During the presentation in December, Heidelberg used its full breaking strength SK (or σ n) Usually, the new printing and packaging solution prints two packaging cartons with exquisite design and unique process on site. Among them, the Heidelberg folio format speedpa cx102 six color plus light offset press is responsible for the printing task, and the willymey 105 die-cutting machine officially launched for the Chinese market during printchina in 2011 is responsible for the die-cutting task. The cutting system is composed of several functional equipment, such as Bora cutting machine, paper breaking machine, elevator, etc., which has greatly improved both efficiency and quality; In the prepress process, the professional packagingdesigner of Heidelberg passed through Heidelberg and the packaging workflow of Heidelberg Yintong with 50 years' durability was used for document processing; The mosaic output is completed by the latest generation of Super Master CTP in Heidelberg. All processes are completed at one go with perfect cooperation

2012 is coming. Maybe many people subconsciously hope that this illusory year can provide us with something different about development and beauty, which is exactly what we expect from the packaging and printing market. Heidelberg opens the curtain of hope for us as a practitioner, and more, we are just around the corner

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