Analysis on the packaging competitiveness of Baiji

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Analysis on the packaging competitiveness of Baijiu

a letter from a Baijiu manufacturer said that the factory was preparing to develop a new Baijiu brand, with a price of about 50 yuan. He asked what strategy should be adopted in packaging, which would not only make consumers love it, but also not significantly increase the cost of Baijiu

what kind of packaging Baijiu needs is really a question worth thinking about. Why? Whether the packaging of Baijiu is appropriate or not will directly affect its cognitive rate, distribution rate and market share, which is definitely not exaggeration. The price of the new brand produced by the factory is about 50 yuan. If the factory uses very high-grade porcelain bottle packaging, adds brocade boxes outside, and speaks with conscience, as consumers, no one will go to domestic instruments. After a period of time, it is easy to have problems buying such wine, because consumers have great confidence that a bottle of Baijiu is only 50 yuan, and the packaging cost accounts for almost half, then the quality of Baijiu must be greatly reduced. Whether to buy wine or to buy Packaging, Of course, I will eventually give up choosing this brand with "moisture"

there is still a popular packaging. The whole bottle is a transparent glass bottle, wrapped with kraft paper, and then tied with a hemp rope at the bottle mouth. When they first came to the market, consumers felt that this kind of wine was very different and eager to try. However, for a long time, coupled with some inadequate imitation, some brands used this kind of packaging to give people a bad image of rough manufacture. Finally, the packaging planning became a gimmick, and the product was hanged by hemp rope

the practice of tying hemp rope "Jiugui Liquor" was first used. At that time, the packaging of "Jiugui Liquor" gave people a rough and informal feeling. Coupled with the quality of "Jiugui Liquor", it soon won the recognition of consumers. It can be seen that the packaging of Baijiu should be combined with its taste and marketing culture, because Baijiu also has USP and can only be marketed with a theme. The theme of the "hundred years of solitude", which was very popular in the past, is to be extraordinary or stand out from the crowd. If its packaging is accompanied by a large number of pictures and pictures of road goods, the taste and culture of this wine will be strangled, and even consumers will think it is neither fish nor fowl, so they will give up choosing it

let's take a look at the packaging method of "little muddle headed Fairy". The bottle of "little muddle headed Fairy" is a cylindrical porcelain bottle similar to Maotai liquor. The reason for adopting this packaging strategy is that "little muddle headed Fairy" has an obvious purpose, because "little muddle headed Fairy" wants to make consumers feel familiar through this measure, and finally achieve the cognitive effect of "the best wine handed down in Maotai town", so that it can be rooted in Miao Hong, or "a famous family". Therefore, packaging planning has to do with the business purpose it aims to achieve. Sometimes, it can be quickly recognized by consumers through imitation, and originality can be more easily distinguished from competitors

another point that should not be ignored is that Baijiu, which plans to join the ranks of famous brands, should do a good job in the design of anti-counterfeiting packaging from the beginning. Anti counterfeit packaging can not only be more easily identified and protect the interests of consumers, but also, as an advanced packaging culture, it is an effective promotion strategy in a period of time. From appearance patent application to anti-counterfeiting, from packaging box anti-counterfeiting to container anti-counterfeiting, when counterfeit wine is rampant, this kind of packaged wine is easier to be accepted, although its packaging cost has increased

imitation, leveraging and even anti-counterfeiting are all factors that must be considered in the packaging of Baijiu. But more importantly, the packaging planning of Baijiu should be based on the positioning extension of this Baijiu product, so as to make the packaging a competitive force. Only Baijiu packaging that achieves this goal can be considered successful. It needs to pay attention to the following aspects in the specific operation:

1. Find out the favorite of Baijiu in the target market and implement the imitation strategy. It should be noted that we should look for imitation with similar price and popular packaging, so as to ensure that it will catch fire in the shortest time. However, we must first digest the essence of other people's packaging design before imitation, so as not to get involved in a lawsuit due to infringement

2. Packaging design should be consistent with product demands. That is to say, the connotation of the brand should be passed on, so it is not suitable for the experimental broadcasting of plastic and rubber materials. Take "jishiyuan" wine as an example. The selling point of this wine lies in the word "Yuan". It can not only be the medium for lovers to talk, but also become the preferred brand for wedding banquet. Therefore, the packaging must focus on these two points. Target or potential consumers may have a desire to consume when they see "jishiyuan", so the packaging of "jishiyuan" can be called a success

3. Design packaging according to Pareto 80/20 rule. We still take "jishiyuan" as an example. If 80% of the sales of "jishiyuan" come from 20% of the wedding banquet market, then the packaging strategy should be inclined to the wedding banquet appeal. Through the packaging design, let the consumers think that the wedding wine should be "today's fate", or "today's fate" is the best wedding wine. The invisible 80/20 rule has a good guiding role for the packaging, which enables the distillery to use the power of packaging design to influence consumers' purchase decisions as much as possible

4. Wulitou packaging. In fact, it is an innovative packaging strategy. The most typical one is the work "Hewang wine" of Wangwang group. "Hewang liquor" is a new type of Baijiu - distilled liquor, which is purer and more beneficial to human body. Why is the packaging of "Hewang liquor" unreasonable? Because it is very different from the packaging of traditional Baijiu, and its design idea inherits the style of other products of Wangwang group - friendly and casual. This kind of refreshing packaging is very popular, but ultimately it is due to the cognitive deviation of product positioning. Is "Hewang wine" a healthy wine, pure wine or a wine that highlights the auspicious meaning of "Hewang"? A brand is loaded with too much connotation, but it turns out to be "four different phenomena". The introverted packaging does not play its due role

5. Cost awareness of packaging. The choice of packaging must be cost conscious, which is based on the summary of consumers' psychology. Today, with the increasingly rational consumption of Baijiu, Baijiu, as a fast-moving consumer goods, also pays attention to cost performance. Only when the quality and price are absolutely competitive, can it be favored. The elegant and luxurious packaging or extreme emphasis on it will make consumers feel that the wool is slaughtered on the sheep. Because with the continuous improvement of consumers' requirements for VOC in the car, in the Baijiu market, it is difficult to achieve a certain grade for a wine of about 50 yuan, although its Hotel terminal price may be 100 yuan

6. Trend of packaging materials. Health and environmental protection began to receive strong attention from consumers. In this case, it is even better for Baijiu manufacturers to adopt low-cost green packaging. Purple sand packaging, recycled paper packaging and vine packaging will all become the leading packaging materials. In particular, vines and recycled paper outer packaging will receive more attention, and will lead the packaging material market with low price and health concept

7. Safety of packaging. The safety of packaging is not only reflected in whether it is environmentally friendly, but also in its sealing performance, whether it is convenient for transportation, and whether it has an impact on the quality of wine and human health. It mainly refers to the packaging of containers. For example, plastic bottles are not conducive to the long-term storage of Baijiu, nor can they reflect the taste of Baijiu. Therefore, the "Jianzhuang" of plastic bottles can only be low-grade products. It takes into account transportation factors and ignores health factors. In addition, the poor fire resistance of plastic bottles has high requirements on the fire-fighting capacity of storage

a seemingly simple packaging problem actually reflects the market awareness, marketing level, safety awareness, environmental protection concept and cost awareness of Baijiu manufacturers. Therefore, comprehensive consideration should be given to the design of Baijiu packaging. Packaging can become the market competitiveness of Baijiu. Undoubtedly, it is successful, which is also the policy that Baijiu packaging needs to follow

source: China Marketing Communication Author: Liu Sheng

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