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The Finnish packaging technology and Research Association was established in 1982 to provide various technologies and formulate specifications for the Finnish packaging industry and serve various packaging enterprises. The total output value of Finnish packaging products industry is about 9billion Finnish marks per year. 30% of them are for export. The largest user of packaging products is the food industry, about 50%. Paper products account for about 60% of the packaging products, of which 55% are for export; Plastic products account for 23%, of which 30% are for export; Metal products account for 10%; Glass products account for 2%; Wood products account for 3%; Others account for 2%. Finns use 180 kg of various packaging products every year, of which more than 50% can be recycled. The total annual use of packaging products in Finland is 2.2 million tons of paper and paper products, 50% of which are transportation packaging cardboard; 310000 tons of plastic packaging, of which 90000 tons are not recyclable; 30000 tons of metal products, most of which are beverage packaging; 460000 tons of glass products, of which about 400000 tons are recycled glass packaging products. Finland joined the EU in 1995. According to EU regulations, all EU countries should use similar packaging as much as possible and use similar materials that reduce pollution as much as possible. It is required that the recycling rate of packaging products should reach about 50-65% by 2001. Finland is a country that attaches great importance to environmental protection. All enterprises producing packaging products are obliged to recycle used packaging. The general method is that several large packaging enterprises jointly form a subsidiary responsible for recycling used packaging to do this work

VPM Kymmene is one of the largest forest industry groups in the world. It not only produces various printing paper, packaging paper and other packaging materials, but also produces logs and plywood suitable for various purposes. The group has an annual output value of 45billion Finnish marks, about 11.3 billion US dollars, and 34000 employees. Headquartered in Finland, Huichuan group has paper mills in Finland, France, Germany and Britain. Paper making accounts for 56% of the total turnover and the annual output is 7.5 million tons. In recent years, UPM group has expanded and improved most of its paper mills, 80% of which are equipped with the most advanced technology and equipment, and its sales cover more than 100 countries on five continents

UPM group, as a forest industry company, has a history of more than 100 years and has been operating in Asia for decades. UPM group's magazine and paper department is the largest department of the group, with an annual turnover of 2.8 billion US dollars Control experiment mode: the computer automatically controls the experiment process. It is the largest magazine paper manufacturer in the world, mainly producing coated and uncoated paper for periodicals, product manuals, advertisements and commercial printing. With an annual output of 3million tons of magazine paper, it mainly sells LWC and MWC paper used in magazines and advertisements in China. The Asian markets are mainly China, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions. UPM group's cultural paper products are mainly office and printing paper, with an annual output of 1.7 million tons. It is the largest cultural paper supplier in Europe. UPM group's paper department mainly produces standard paper, high-grade and special paper and book paper. It is the world's largest enterprise in the field of paper production, with an annual production of 2million tons of paper. Standard paper and book paper are mainly sold to China

the packaging Department of UPM group (VPM pack) is a packaging group under UPM group, which is composed of 8 subsidiaries and more than 40 factories. Due to their rich experience and extensive resources, they can more deeply study and develop new, advanced and economical simple packaging operation schemes at a lower cost. Their products are based on paper and paperboard. They are the largest manufacturer of vacuum packaging, silicone coated paper and industrial packaging paper in Europe. Special products include self-adhesive paper, label, envelope paper and paper bag paper, with annual sales of 20million US dollars. It is the largest supplier of anti sticking paper in the world in the self-adhesive paper market. The products sold to China are mainly anti sticking silicone coated paper, bleached or unbleached kraft paper for food packaging, kraft paper bags, paper bag paper and self-adhesive paper. Their products are tailored to their end use. If paper is used to make small packages of packaging powder products, it should not only be loose and breathable, but also have high strength. Sometimes the oil resistance of packaging materials is also very important. Each specification of coating and composite materials produced by them has been carefully studied and repeatedly tested according to their specific uses. For packaging materials, in addition to realizing their uses, they should also be easy to decompose so as not to cause pollution to the environment. Based on this, the packaging materials developed by UPM group's packaging department are recyclable, which can be dissolved in fertilizer and re released energy. Wagevisa group is jointly named after wager composite packaging materials Co., Ltd. and visa packaging group. It is the largest subsidiary of fenou United Packaging Materials Co., Ltd., with an annual output value of more than 1.7 billion Finnish marks, about 400million US dollars

wagevisa can provide different users with packaging materials for various purposes. The production process of the appearance of a typical Valmet external coater is mainly to cover and mount various kinds of paper and paperboard through extrusion technology, and also to carry out flexographic printing. Their products include roll packaging paper, special roll packaging paper, multi-color printing packaging paper, film coated paper boxes, multi-purpose food packaging paper, biodegradable film coated paper, corrugated boxes, film coated liners for cardboard boxes, logs, plywood and other forestry packaging paper, tray packaging paper, steel packaging paper, paper woven tarpaulin, fire-proof paper, construction film coated paper, packaging paper for technical industry, pharmaceutical paper, textile paper, etc. Wagevisa's aim is to obtain the greatest protection with the least packaging materials, which can not even be described as "unsatisfactory", which fully reflects their awareness of environmental protection

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