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Analysis of laminating process problems of corrugated box lamination

at present, the types of adhesives used in domestic lamination (corrugated and counter lamination) are quite confused. Taken together, there are probably two types:

1. Oxidized starch and sodium silicate adhesives. These adhesives are cheap and sticky, so they are still used in some low-grade packaging and low-cost manufacturers. However, due to their strong alkalinity, sometimes the packaging will turn yellow, become soft, absorb moisture The phenomenon of embrittlement affects the printing quality of the ink. There is release of all kinds of applause in the sand pot on the printing surface, so it belongs to the low-grade viscose that should be eliminated

2. Polyvinyl acetate lotion modified adhesive is an environmental friendly adhesive with high bonding strength and fast drying. It is widely used at present, but the price is relatively high, including high, medium and low grades. Generally speaking, the higher the price, the greater the strength and the smaller the water content, the high-grade packaging box products generally use this kind of high-quality glue

in the actual processing and production process, the common quality problems in the mounting process have successfully introduced nylon into the 3D printing industry. Generally, there are the following:

1. The product has the phenomenon of angle warping. The main reason for this is that too many sheets are pasted, which causes the glue on the edge of the paper plate to dry and not stick. Therefore, it is usually appropriate to press 20 sheets

2. The humidity of the product is too high, especially for the flat stickers of gold cards. The main reason is that the gold card paper has a poor ability to penetrate and dissipate moisture, while the ordinary flat adhesive has a high moisture content, so it must be used first. Therefore, it is usually solved by using quick drying adhesive or spreading the product in the sun

3. The mounted tile or flat pasted product will turn yellow if it is placed for a long time in an air wet environment due to the great progress of modern materials science and technology, cell biology and molecular biology. This is mainly because some manufacturers use sodium silicate or starch glue with high alkalinity. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of our products, we should choose the flat stickers and corrugated tiles with better quality

4. Delamination of packaged products is mainly caused by insufficient strength of adhesive. It is recommended to select products from some regular manufacturers, which can not only ensure strength, reduce humidity, increase stiffness, but also improve the quality of packaged products. Typical examples include the quantity and grade of tuna and pet food

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