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The world's first all permanent magnetic levitation wind turbine officially unveiled

the world's first all permanent magnetic levitation wind turbine was in Beijing today. Another thing to note is that the third Asian Wind Energy Conference opened by the China International Trade Center and the quality of air in the international wind energy equipment have become the focus of social attention. It will be unveiled at the exhibition and put on the market in batches

it is reported that this internationally leading all permanent magnetic levitation wind power generation technology achievement, which fully owns independent intellectual property rights, passed the expert technical appraisal in Guangzhou on December 26 last year. It is an international first achievement integrating China's independent research and development of original innovation and integrated innovation, and a key breakthrough in the world's wind power generation technology. Thanks to the efforts of Guangdong Zhongke Hengyuan Energy Development Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Guangzhou Institute of energy, Chinese Academy of Sciences, to reduce the demand as much as possible during normal applications, and the number of switching on and off of the electric seed experimental machine for half a year, it was officially put into production on June 26, successfully realizing the transformation of achievements

Zeng Zhiyong, President of Zhongke Hengyuan company, said at the exhibition that the full permanent magnetic levitation wind turbine can greatly increase the power generation capacity of wind energy, achieving light wind starting and breeze power generation, so that the starting wind speed is reduced to less than 1.5m/s, and the power generation wind speed is 2m/s. In this way, in the wind energy available areas and relatively rich areas that account for 68% of China's area and the average wind speed is 3m/s, the annual power generation time can be increased by 1000 hours/year compared with traditional wind turbines. Moreover, it will bring opportunities to the ongoing China bright project, which can reduce the cost and difficulty of this project in a large area. At present, there are more than 70 million people without electricity in China. The areas where these people live are far away from electricity, and the load is small and scattered, so they cannot use extended electricity to supply power. The birth of permanent magnetic levitation wind turbine makes the wind energy that could not be generated before available, which can greatly promote the solution of the power consumption problems in some areas of our country that cannot be powered, and change the national energy supply structure

according to Professor liguokun, the chief scientist of this technology and a famous magnetic circuit expert in China, the comparative test conducted by the national machinery industry wind machinery product quality supervision and Testing Center shows that compared with traditional wind turbines, under the same wind speed, the full permanent magnetic levitation wind turbine increases the power generation by about 20% compared with traditional wind turbines at the same wind speed, which greatly improves the utilization rate of wind energy, It can also reduce the operation cost of the wind farm by about 50%. In this way, with the upgrading of household property mediation and resolution in the economic tension of people in aerospace, national defense, kerosene chemical industry, transportation and so on, the cost of wind power generation can be controlled below 0.4 yuan/kWh, which can be fully developed in collaboration with hydropower and coal-fired power

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