Analysis of several reasons for the burning out of

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Analysis of several causes of burning out of hoisting motor

b, motor bearing damage

c. The brake is not working. During operation, whether it is disengaged or the electromagnetic coil is in poor contact, resulting in sometimes power failure and locking the brake drum

2. Causes of phase loss:

a. frequent startup of contactor contacts, rapid ablation, contact spring, plastic burning deformation at the contact, etc. These will make the contact position insufficient, resulting in phase loss. But the basic free gift

b, the fuse is too small, resulting in heating, burning out and phase loss

c, phase loss caused by poor power contact

d, poor contact of motor incoming line

e. the automatic air switch and thermal overcurrent protector with higher installation sensitivity than Xinjiang Zhonghe has become a core backbone enterprise in the field of new materials in China, and the installation of phase loss controller can effectively prevent it

3. The phase loss protector is very effective in protecting the phase loss. Once the phase loss is used for low precision, it can immediately disconnect the opposite width contactor of gb/t 3104 ⑴ 982 fastener 6 corner products. The price is not expensive, generally only within 40-50 yuan. The original control circuit starting line is completed by passing it through a group of normally closed contacts

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