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Analysis of several characteristics of the development of post press equipment technology

point one: the diversification of post press equipment

the increasing demand for personalized printed matter, the continuous strengthening of market competition differentiation strategy, the development of digital printing and the diversity and complexity of post press processing technology determine the diversification of post press processing equipment. Post press processing is the production process of processing printed matter into the required style and performance requirements. The diversification of processing style and product performance inevitably requires the diversification of post press processing equipment. Personalized demand and differentiation strategy will inevitably further lead to the differentiation and diversification of products, and then lead to the diversification of post press processing technology, so as to promote the diversified development of post press processing equipment

point 2: more functions and greater flexibility

in recent years, post press equipment manufacturers have paid attention to the improvement of product functions and flexibility in the process of product design and development. The equipment with high flexibility is generally based on a certain product type, which can be configured flexibly and flexibly, and the equipment structure is more flexible. By increasing or decreasing some parts, flexible production can be achieved to meet the needs of customers. The products of Anhui Xiangbang composite materials Co., Ltd. have been successfully applied to the aerospace and aerospace fields

in order to meet the different requirements of different customers for products, product design is developing towards modularization, and new special function modules are constantly improved and developed. These basic function modules and special function modules can be flexibly configured and installed on different equipment to increase the function of the equipment, trying to combine multiple post printing processes to meet the changing market demand

point 3: higher production efficiency

speed determines efficiency, and efficiency determines survival. The production efficiency of the equipment should not only consider the production speed, but also comprehensively consider the equipment adjustment and auxiliary time, continuous, stable and reliable high-speed production performance, scrap rate and other factors

in order to reduce vehicle weight, reduce fuel consumption and improve safety, the kh82 combined folding machine is equipped with automatic horizontal folding function. The speed has been increased to 30000 revolutions per hour, and the maximum processing speed is 230 meters per minute. In view of the different automatic configurations, the setting time of the horizontal folding unit of this machine can be reduced by as much as 80% compared with the previous generation product Starr kh78 folding machine. At the same time, due to the short preparation time, Starr kh82 folding machine is especially suitable for commercial parts and manuals with a processing capacity of 7000 ~ 15000 pieces. In addition, the high performance of the machine makes it also competent for long edition moving parts such as books and periodicals. Therefore, its target users also include large industrial printing plants and professional post press processing enterprises

point 4: more humanization

humanization has become a new feature in the design of printing finishing and forming equipment. Humanization means that manufacturers strive to achieve perfection from the perspective of ergonomics, ecology and aesthetics when designing products, so as to truly realize the purpose of putting science and technology people first. It takes people as the center and scale, and meets people's physiological and psychological needs, material and spiritual needs. Generally speaking, the embodiment of humanized design in post press processing equipment can be summarized as: beautiful appearance, simple and easy operation, flexible and convenient use, environmental protection and safety

point 5: stronger stability and reliability

with the improvement of printing speed of printing machine and the expansion of market demand, the requirements for the speed, accuracy and stability of post press processing equipment are also higher and higher. Nowadays, the stability and reliability of post press equipment have been greatly improved. The stronger stability and reliability are mainly reflected in the higher accuracy, lower error rate, higher reliability of post press equipment, and the less impact of external environment on the equipment

improving the reliability and stability of equipment is a systematic project, which requires improving the initiative and consciousness of designers, strengthening the theoretical research on the stability and reliability of key parts of post press machinery and the whole machine, bringing new ideas, insights and scientific and technological information, overcoming the blindness in design and manufacturing, and applying various modern design methods to the design and manufacturing of key parts. At the same time, due to the improvement of people's living standards and the strengthening of aesthetic awareness, their requirements for the stability and reliability of the equipment have increased, and their requirements for human-machine compatibility and the appearance of the equipment have also increased accordingly. This requires designers to constantly enrich their minds with ergonomics and industrial design knowledge, and apply it to design practice

aspect 6: a higher level of automation, intelligence and networking

automation refers to the process of automatic operation or control of machines or devices according to specified procedures or instructions without human intervention. According to the definition of artificial intelligence, intellectualization refers to the work that makes the object have sensitive and accurate perception function, correct thinking and judgment function and effective execution function. Networking mainly refers to the transmission form of information, which has the advantages of fast speed and wide release

at present, advanced post press equipment is basically controlled by computer, and quality monitoring devices are configured on the equipment. Therefore, equipment adjustment and control can basically be completed automatically by relying on the program stored in advance in the computer control system, or through equipment interface conversion, with the help of network, the relevant information of pre press and printing can be directly adjusted as instructions, with a higher level of automation, intelligence and networking, This is not only conducive to the application of CIP3 and CIP4 to integrate pre press, printing and post press, realize the digitization of the whole printing process, improve production efficiency, but also conducive to good production process control and ensure the quality of production products

the addition of intelligent modules in most post press equipment will greatly reduce repeated labor and improve the intelligent level of the equipment. Generally speaking, intelligent equipment can realize both independent operation and network control. These equipment can make different responses according to different process requirements, so as to complete the specified operation requirements

point 7: towards prepress, printing integration and digitalization

the main form of development towards prepress, printing integration and digitalization is digital workflow. The application and promotion of digital workflow has driven the international post press equipment manufacturers to research and develop the digital function of post press equipment. CIP4 is a digital workflow specification based on JDF format, which is extended from CIP3. CIP3 connects prepress, printing and post press processing, while CIP4 expands it into a complete system including task management, production management and other process control, thus having a series of functions from order receiving, prepress, printing, post press processing to product delivery, cost accounting and so on

in the field of post press, from the realization of digital folding, automatic page allocation, folding, book ordering, gluing, page attachment and pasting, three-sided cutting, automatic crawling, to sales and transportation, computer digital management has also been basically realized. Digital printing, including post press processing, is a full digital production process, which is connected with management system (MIS) through JDF. Various digital printing machines are connected with corresponding pre press and post press equipment to meet the needs of various printing processes

at present, CIP4 is not widely used in post press processing, mainly including cutting processes. For example, the Paula comput cutting system of Heidelberg company adopts CIP3 workflow. The navigator control system of MBO company can realize the information transmission between the folding machine and the prepress and printing equipment through the network; MBO's data manager is also an open database management system that can be used for remote access and control, which is based on Windows operating platform. Using data manager software, MBO folding machine can be integrated into a workflow compatible with cip3/cip4 and JDF to realize the connection between the computer terminal in the office and multiple folding machines in the binding workshop

aspect 8: develop in the direction of online processing with printing

mainly refers to the online operation of some processes of post press processing, such as glazing, die cutting, folding, film covering, cutting, etc., with the printing process at one go. Online processing integrates printing and post press processing. After printing, the substrate directly and automatically enters the post press processing link. This online processing method is especially suitable for digital printing known for fast, small batch, personalized and on-demand printing, and can meet the needs of buyers of printing machinery to purchase post press processing functions while purchasing printing machines

online processing has the advantages of high degree of automation, saving the time of the whole production process and improving work efficiency, but online processing also has some unsatisfactory aspects, such as high price, long adjustment time of the whole machine, great restrictions on the size and specification of processing operations, etc., but with the continuous progress of technology, online processing will become an obvious trend

the online cold pressing value-added printing function launched by Roland 700 hiprint and inline Foiler prindor online cold pressing device has left a deep impression on the printing industry. As part of Manroland's value-added printing concept, users greatly appreciate the value-added method of combining cold press transfer printing with sheet fed printing machine. This new process is also popular in the field of high-quality folding carton manufacturing. These manufacturers are looking for new and more economical value-added methods of hot stamping. In addition to the single foil roll method, you can often get orders for multi foil roll models that can hot stamp five foil rolls of different widths together

aspect 9: higher safety performance

in printing enterprises, serious personal injury often occurs due to the lack of practical and reliable safety protection devices for mechanical equipment. In order to avoid this kind of injury accident, at the same time, with the continuous improvement of the importance of the printing industry and the international organization for Standardization on equipment safety, post press mechanical equipment manufacturers also consider more and more about the safety performance of equipment

the sqzkc series program-controlled paper cutter launched by Shanghai shenweida Machinery Co., Ltd. fully embodies the design concept of safety and efficiency. The advantages in safety performance are as follows: comprehensively improve the coating process of the worktable, abandon the previous chromium plating treatment, and start to adopt nickel plating treatment with environmental protection characteristics, at the same time, avoid the light pollution of the worktable, and better protect the health of the operator; Using high-speed, low-noise and high-precision ball screw, the noise emitted during high-speed operation can be reduced by 5-6 dB compared with SQZK series; A more safe and reliable hydraulic clutch system is adopted, which has better braking performance. At the same time, through the unique flexible clutch function in the hydraulic system, the impact of the paper cutter on the machine when driving a short car is smaller, and the cutting movement is more stable and reliable; Sqzkc series paper cutter optimizes the position and performance of the built-in electronic knife lock, especially the performance and working state of the electromagnet, so that it can work more safely and reliably

aspect 10: linkage

at present, the linkage of post press equipment is mainly manifested in the binding linkage production line, such as horse riding linkage production line, wireless binding linkage production line and hardcover book processing linkage production line, paperback binding linkage production line, lock linkage production line, this volume printing and binding linkage production line, etc

at present, the manufacturers of linkage line mainly include Martini, Kolbus, Wallenberg and beiren group company. Kolbusbf40 hardcover book block processing linkage machine in Kolbus, Germany is a

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