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Analysis of six trends of color digital printing

production digital printing technology was born 20 years ago. Xerox launched the first production digital printing machine docutech on October 2, 1990. At that time, its main competitor was Kodak Lionheart. Since then, an endless stream of new products have made digital printing cheaper and more colorful. The progress of Xerox, HP indigo, Saikang and Kodak nExpress is obvious to all in the industry. With the rise of inkjet printing, digital printing has gradually penetrated into all corners of the printing industry. Canon, Konica Minolta, focusing on key areas, have used the products of demonstration Ricoh, Xerox and other companies to help countless printing service providers succeed in the increasingly fierce market competition

in order to understand the market dynamics and find the accurate positioning of color digital printing machines, Yingchuan company of the United States has recently summarized six trends in the field of color digital printing through long-term investigation and analysis of printing enterprises in the market. The company also pointed out that both large enterprises like Donnelly printing company and small printing companies should seize the precious opportunity of color digital printing. The days of long-term printing have gone forever. Printing customers hope to reduce inventory, waste and overall costs through small batch printing. In addition, the current era of information explosion, if you want to stay in the printing industry in the future, enterprises must adopt color digital printing technology, which can not only bring rich return on investment, but also improve customer service level

the output of digital printing increased, and the number of four-color offset printing live parts decreased. Last year, Yingchuan company conducted a survey on more than 300 internal printing plants and commercial printing plants. The results showed that 62% of the respondents said that their digital printing output had increased from 2009 to 2010, and 61% of the respondents felt the decline in the volume of four-color offset printing

black and white printing gradually turns to color printing. Although the number of black-and-white digital printing far exceeds that of color printing, it has not actually increased. What has really increased is color digital printing. Yingchuan predicts that the compound growth rate of color digital printing will reach 17.8% from 2008 to 2013, while black-and-white digital printing will decline by 3.6% during this period

the printing volume of single live copy is decreasing. Yingchuan company conducted a survey on 240 printing buyers, and found that more than 50% of their color live parts were printed in less than 1000 copies, and 0% of their live parts were printed in less than 5000 copies after unpacking with 7 pressure testing machine. At present, the quality of color digital printing has been greatly improved. The rubber team will rely on its marketing pressure in machining products to promote the growth of customized printing. When making marketing plans, some enterprises often just blindly rely on intuition. However, since the outbreak of the international financial crisis, the rules of the entire industry have changed. Marketing enterprises must find new partners to help them complete customized and targeted marketing activities. To achieve this goal, the first thing is to invest in digital technology

network services pave the way for digital printing. Internet service has brought new revenue generating opportunities to the cross media industry, and printing buyers and printing service providers have gradually realized the value of Internet. In the report "e-commerce: the future of printing industry" released by Yingchuan company in 2008, it was pointed out that packaging is anti-counterfeiting, and 2/3 of printing buyers will purchase printed materials on the Internet. At the same time, more than half of the printing service providers can provide customers with online printing services. These services are usually provided by ε- CL has been transformed into "online publishing" portal, and printing is only one of the multimedia services. Printing service providers can use this basic platform to provide customers with e-mail and SMS services, and create a cross channel marketing activity integrating printing, personalized pages and login pages

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