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Analysis of some special paper in China (4)

III) special paper for building materials 1) special paper for building paper

used in construction, for example, the "paper building light diffusion PC material is available? It can effectively improve the LED lighting effect" selected at the Sydney Olympic Games. The strength, rigidity and waterproof performance of gypsum board, tarpaulin and wallpaper used in the past cannot be compared with those of today's new building paper. In addition to plant fiber paper, polymer compounds are also used in new construction paper

2) Composite Floor wear-resistant paper

in recent years, China has introduced a large number of composite floor production lines, and the demand for composite floor surface wear-resistant paper is increasing. The quantity of wear-resistant paper is 30-60g/m2, the width of roll paper is about 1300mm, and the paper has high tensile strength and good wettability. The raw material is long fiber, which has good bulk absorption when laminated with other materials. Composite flooring has gradually become a new variety of flooring products, which requires the cooperation of professional material supporting manufacturers. With the increase of the amount of composite floor, the added value and profit space of wear-resistant paper are larger. Now is a good time to develop wear-resistant paper

3) colored shaft cotton brick lining paper

colored shaft cotton brick is a new building decoration material that makes all kinds of buildings look more magnificent. The decorative lining paper bonded with colored shaft cotton bricks can improve the production efficiency of cotton bricks, and it is also convenient for the construction site to apply zigzag roller spacing: 30 ~ 600mm; Workers. This kind of lining paper is the same as ordinary paper from the outside, but its physical index is relatively special, which requires not only certain dry and temperature strength, but also good water absorption performance

4) paper steel

paper steel is a contemporary high-tech achievement. It is a new building material made by mixing extremely fine metal wires and fibers in pulp and using paper making methods, also known as metal fiber paper. It is only a few tenths of a millimeter thin, as thin as paper, but its strength is equivalent to that of steel; Thick can be made of several layers of thin paper steel sheets bonded with synthetic resin, with a thickness of CM. Paper steel can be made into plates, and can also be pressed and rolled into grooves, waves and various special-shaped materials

paper steel has shown strong vitality and broad prospects once it came out. It plays an extensive role in industry, agriculture, construction, national defense and military industry, daily life and other fields. It has been used abroad to make cars, train carriages and aircraft fuselage inner wall materials. Light houses made of paper and steel can be assembled and transported, and are suitable for temporary workshops, classrooms and camping houses. The United States has built a paper bridge with paper and steel, with a span of 15 meters and a width of about 3 meters. It can not only pass pedestrians, but also small tractors and 2.5-ton jeeps, and can be installed as soon as it is removed. The paper and steel materials used to build a bridge can be transported away with a Jiefang car, so it is suitable for military use. Thin paper steel is as light and soft as gauze and plastic cloth, and can be used as tablecloths, curtains, sheets and other daily necessities; Thicker paper steel can be stamped into various appliances, such as bowls, basins, boxes, etc. All plastic products can be replaced by paper steel without aging. Paper steel can also replace wood to make furniture such as cupboards, wardrobes, boxes, etc

5) various new wallpapers

a heating Wallpapers

Britain has successfully developed a kind of wallpapers that can emit heat. This kind of wallpaper is coated with a layer of special paint. After being powered on, the paint can convert electric energy into heat energy and emit heat, which is suitable for pasting in winter

b hygroscopic wallpaper

Japan invented a hygroscopic wallpaper. The surface of this wallpaper is covered with countless tiny pores, which can absorb 100 ml of water per square meter. It is an ideal decoration for the wall of the washroom

c anti mold propagation wallpaper

Japan has developed a wallpaper that is difficult for mold to reproduce. This kind of paper is made of PVC resin, the raw material of wallpaper, which is added with anti mildew agent. Even if there are bacteria on the wallpaper, it cannot reproduce. The paper not only improves the living environment, but also is conducive to human health

d insecticidal wallpaper

Meimei has completed the invention of a kind of insecticidal wallpaper with active PbO2 as the core. As long as flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches and other pests come into contact with this wallpaper, they will soon be killed, and their insecticidal effect can be maintained for 5 years. This kind of wallpaper can be scrubbed and is not afraid of water vapor and chemicals

e odor absorbing wallpaper

the odor absorbing wallpaper developed in Japan has certain chemicals, which specially absorb and decompose some odors, and is mixed with aromatic substances, so that the room is always fragrant, especially suitable for kitchens and toilets

f fire alarm wallpaper

the United States has developed a fire alarm wallpaper, which has been used by many hotels. This wallpaper will emit an odorless, colorless and harmless gas under high temperature and fire, which will trigger the ionic smoke detector to send out a fire alarm, and then start the fire extinguishing device to extinguish the fire source

G anti eavesdropping wallpaper

Germany has developed a wallpaper that can prevent electromagnetic interference and electronic eavesdropping in the room. It is made of nylon non protective cloth and copper sheet. The performance of the screen is better than that of steel and galvanized iron sheet, and it is not easy to be noticed

h high shielding wallpaper

the UK has developed a kind of high shielding wallpaper, which is nickel plated on the surface of carbon fiber, can completely shield highly sensitive electronic equipment from electromagnetic waves and high-frequency noise, and prevent electronic reconnaissance activities. Its shielding effect can be comparable to that of steel walls, and can be pasted with ordinary adhesives

I non combustible paper

Japan has developed non combustible paper using calcium silicate as raw material, which can be used as wallpaper and heat-resistant filler. During manufacturing, the silicic acid powder and lime water are thermally reacted to extract fibrous calcium silicate, and then glass fiber and paper reinforcing agent are added. Non combustible paper can replace asbestos materials that are restricted due to environmental problems

6) furniture paper and paper furniture

paper furniture first appeared in the 1920s. Paper furniture takes paper as the main raw material. First, the paper is waterproof processed, and then wrapped into thin lines in the way of winding yarn, and then these "paper threads" are woven into "paper cloth" by textile machine. When weaving, the key link is to weave stainless steel wire into the weft so that it can withstand greater pressure. The woven "paper cloth" is cut, matched with frames of different materials, trimmed with perfect weaving techniques, painted, and then glued to become a beautiful and practical furniture

the material of paper furniture is from special paper fiber. This paper fiber is light, strong toughness, not afraid of moisture, does not hide dirt, and has waterproof, insect proof, sunscreen, anti-corrosion, 3 Tensile testing machine with other driving methods: it has the advantages of mold proof and non embrittlement controlled by DC motor. The visual sense is that the color is gorgeous and plump, and the touch is smooth and delicate. No matter it is hot or cold, wet or dry, it will not fade or crack, and it is not afraid of various outdoor environments in the open air

the paper chair has good air permeability, and the thermal conductivity of paper is similar to that of wood, which makes it cool but not muggy in summer; When used in winter, the body does not feel cold. At the same time, it can also be used with the cushion, which is more convenient

paper furniture has various colors, which can be combined with different home spaces to create a diverse home environment. In addition, for paper furniture, you can often change their cloth covers, so that they are rich in changes, so that people often look at them

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