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December 19 China Plastics City PP market daily Review

trading dynamics: China Plastics adopts three experimental materials: 60kg, 100kg and 150kg. The market trend of PP raw materials in the city is generally stable, and some fluctuate in a narrow range. Due to the lack of upward momentum, the current market atmosphere has been significantly weakened compared with the previous period, and some traders' shipping intention has gradually increased, while downstream factories still purchase on demand. However, fortunately, the overall supply of goods in the society is not much, especially the shortage of some varieties, which has played a greater support for the current PP market. Latest, the mainstream price of PP wire drawing/injection molding domestic materials is yuan/ton, the mainstream price of copolymerized domestic materials is yuan/ton, the mainstream price of copolymerized imported materials is yuan/ton, and the mainstream price of materials for troubleshooting common faults of monofilament powder testing machine is 10600 yuan/ton

upstream: on December 15, the closing price of propylene in the Far East continued to rise by $10/ton. The latest quotation is $per ton FOB South Korea and $per ton FOB Japan

price trend: as the market demand has never seen a large amount and is approaching the end of the year, considering the capital problem, it is expected that the PP market will not improve significantly before the year, and the market will continue to maintain the trend of shock consolidation. It can make plastics better

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