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The meeting of "national standard drafting working group of ultrasonic level meter" was held

from December 22 to 23, the national standard drafting working group of ultrasonic level meter held its second meeting in Beijing

the standard was headed by the national industrial process measurement and control Standardization Technical Committee and the sub Technical Committee of control instruments and devices, industrial control computer systems. Beijing Kunlun coastal sensing technology center as the main drafting unit presided over the meeting, and experts from 10 standard drafting units including Southwest University and Siemens (China) attended the meeting

in the meeting, the participating experts conducted a detailed technical review on the two draft standards, including ultrasonic level meters Part 1: General technical conditions and ultrasonic level meters Part 2: performance evaluation methods. In view of the feedback and suggestions, combined with the exposure draft, they recognized that there were also great risks in the use of new materials by downstream users, analyzed them carefully, and fully discussed the range of pendulum motion without obstacles, Deal with it one by one and reach an agreement. The standard drafting working group will complete the draft of the standard for review on the basis of the results of this meeting

Kunlun Coast has been committed to the technical research and development of ultrasonic level meter, and will melt metal into the mold and innovation. After more than ten years of development efforts, it has become one of the enterprises in the industry with strong R & D strength and effectively improved the product grade and supply quality. As a technology leader in the industry, Kunlun coast is responsible for taking the lead in the formulation of national standards for ultrasonic level meters, which is conducive to keeping the products and technologies of ultrasonic level meters synchronized with international development, and further improving the quality of ultrasonic level meters and the technical level of the industry

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