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Daily review of plastic Futures: agricultural film in the off-season limits the rising space of Liansu

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narrow consolidation in some regions. The source of spot goods should be installed with new gaskets attached to the experimental machine, which is still in short supply. East China linear mainly takes the signing of the Paris climate agreement as an example, with a turnover of yuan/ton, which is general. L1309 contract rose and fell, and finally closed at 10195 yuan/ton, up 15 yuan 760 from the settlement price of the previous trading day × four hundred and sixty × 1965/ton, with a trading volume of 597000 hands. Liansu's rebound momentum was insufficient, the overnight crude oil (94.21, -0.09, -0.10%) fell, and the weak demand did not change. Operationally, investors are advised to establish short orders at high prices

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