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Nearly 170million yuan! Recently, according to the requirements of several opinions of the State Council on improving and strengthening the management of central financial scientific research projects and funds (GF [2014] No. 11), the notice of the State Council on deepening the management reform plan of the central financial science and technology plan (special projects, funds, etc.) (GF [2014] No. 64), and other documents, The Ministry of science and technology publicized the project information to be approved in the 2017 orientation guide of three key special projects, "Research on the causes and control technology of air pollution", "Research on the restoration and protection of typical fragile ecosystems" and "marine environment security". The publicity date is from December 22, 2017 to December 26, 2017

according to the notice, among the three key special projects, the "Research on the causes and control technology of air pollution" of gas cylinders and respiratory steel or composite materials involves four project names, with a total of 95.8 million yuan from the central government, and the implementation cycle of each project is three years; "Typical fragile ecological restoration and protection research" involves two project names, with a total central government funding of 24.83 million yuan, and the implementation cycle of each project is 3.5 years; "Marine environment safety assurance" involves 3. If the mold cavity is calculated according to the known plastic part size and material shrinkage rate, it is d=m/(1-s). In order to simplify the calculation of project names in the mold design, the central government funds a total of 49.06 million yuan, and the implementation cycle of each project is the same as 3 years. The total financial funds for the three projects amounted to 169.69 million yuan

at present, China advocates green development, which is essentially the transformation of development mode and a development mode of systematically coordinating economic development and ecological environment protection. At the same time, environmental economic policy, as a policy tool to regulate environmental behavior and promote the rational choice of economic man, is regarded as an important means and core content of green development. From the above three key projects, it is not difficult to see that they all point to the field of environment

recently, the Ministry of environmental protection issued the notice of "reply to the 2017 project (topic) of the major special science and technology project for water pollution control and treatment". The notice shows that 17 projects and 17 independent projects approved in 2017 were included in the major special projects of water pollution control and treatment science and technology for implementation. Except for one project whose funds have not been approved, the total amount of projects and projects that have been announced is 6.29976.3 billion yuan, of which the total project funds are 5.155.26 billion yuan and the total project funds are 1.144.49 billion yuan

in addition, China's investment in environmental governance has also increased year by year in the past two years. In 2015, the operating cost of pollution control facilities in China was 328.27 billion yuan, an increase of 8.5% over 2014. In 2016, the central government further increased its support for environmental protection and set up a new special fund for soil pollution prevention and control. It can be seen that at present, China attaches great importance to environmental governance. It not only introduces various environmental protection policies and governance plans, but also provides significant support in terms of special funds to solve the worries of the work. It is believed that with the joint efforts of the government and all sectors of society, China's environmental governance will make greater progress

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