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Daily troubleshooting of computer quantitative packaging scale

1 About working conditions

1.1 what are the requirements for ambient temperature

the computer quantitative scale system can work normally at -20 ℃ - + 40 ℃, and there should be no condensation at the work site

1.2 what are the requirements for working voltage

Since the service innovation,

the system power distribution should meet the requirements of AC380V ± 10% and AC220V ± 10%, and the computer scale can work normally under ac180 ~ 240V. However, low voltage will reduce the packaging speed. Because the feeding of the quantitative scale depends on electromagnetic force, the reduction of voltage will reduce the electromagnetic force. Serious voltage fluctuation will affect the measurement accuracy, and the voltage fluctuation rate should be less than 3 volts/5 minutes

1.3 what effect will voltage fluctuation have on the system

if the voltage fluctuates for several volts within a few minutes, it will cause uneven feeding of the feeder. If the voltage changes slowly, it will have little impact on the system. If the voltage fluctuates rapidly, the computer cannot correctly adjust the feeding working point, resulting in inaccurate quantitative measurement of the system

1.4 in summer thunderstorm season, the computer quantitative scale system should be disconnected from the electricity to avoid lightning high voltage rushing into the power supply circuit and damaging the equipment

2. About accuracy and speed

2.1 why does the computer quantitative scale display accurately, but it is found that it is inaccurate when re weighing, and the error is roughly the same every time

if it is confirmed that the weighing instrument used for weighing is reliable, in the above cases, it is mostly caused by the incorrect calibration of the weighing instrument. You can press the "set to zero" key to return the weight display to zero, and then add standard weights to the scale bucket to check the calibration quality. If the difference between the added weights and the displayed values is large, you must calibrate the weighing instrument again. The static error of the system should be less than 0.1% (f the key is to point out your choice with a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values s). "

2.2 what if the quantitative scale frequently displays ee03 (out of tolerance)

there are several reasons that may lead to frequent display of ee03:

1) the power supply of the system is unstable, the voltage fluctuates greatly, and the inlet rate of all diaphragms reaches 70% and fluctuates rapidly. At this time, measures can only be taken from the power supply to provide a stable working power supply voltage for the quantitative scale

2) loose feeder mechanical parts Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. sincerely welcomes the majority of users to call for consultation, which causes uneven feeder feeding. It is necessary to check the feeder, check whether the fasteners of the feeder spring plate are loose, check whether the electromagnet iron fastener is loose, and check whether the electromagnet iron fastener is loose

3) when the feeder contacts the weighing sensor or sensor base, the weighing bucket is not easy to be stable

2.3 why does the packaging speed change

the packing speed is related to the scattering of materials and the weight of each package. When determining the weight of materials and packaging, the packaging speed is related to the working state of the system. Generally, when the accuracy is high, the speed takes 6 packages as a cycle. When the measurement reaches the 6th package, the system delays for 2 seconds, waits for the suspended materials in the air to fall into the weighing bucket, and calculates the actual error. When the error is less than 0.1% (FS), it is considered that the working parameter of the system is good. Use this parameter for 5 consecutive times. After the feeder stops working, open the weighing bucket door immediately for discharging, There is no need to carry out stable weighing. When the measurement reaches the next package 6, the system delays for 2 seconds to wait for the bucket to stabilize and the air materials fall into the bucket, and calculates the measurement error. If the error is greater than 0.1% (FS), the next package still needs to be weighed stably until the error is less than 0.1% (FS). Once the error is less than 0.1% (FS), the parameter is used to work continuously for 5 packages without stabilizing the weighing process. Therefore, when the weighing accuracy of the system is high, the packaging speed is also fast

3. How to clean up the residual materials in the computer quantitative scale

at the initial power on of the system, press the "manual" key, and press the method of 3.1.6 to operate circularly until the residual materials in the weighing bucket are discharged

4 Common faults and solutions

4.1 what if the door opening motor does not stop

in the automatic mode, the door opening motor should stop automatically every revolution. If it cannot stop, it indicates that the distance between the door opening inductive switch and the inductive working surface of the door opening mechanism (crank) is too large, and the distance is generally mm. If the spacing is normal, or other iron plates are placed on the working surface of the induction switch, and the red indicator light at the back of the induction switch does not light up, it may be the fault of the induction switch, or the power supply of the induction switch is abnormal, and the induction switch is powered by DC 24V power supply. 

4.2 why does the feeding speed suddenly slow down

the feeding speed of the feeder suddenly slows down, which may be caused by the damage of the rectifier diode in5408 in the feeding electromagnet power supply circuit. This diode can be removed for testing. Replace the component after confirmation

4.3 what if the coarse feeding or fine feeding does not work

when the feeder should work, the fault of the computer should be on the control circuit of the electromagnet under normal conditions. For example, "SSR" is damaged, the rectifier diode in5408 is damaged, or the position of the voltage increasing potentiometer on the terminal board is incorrect, which can be handled differently according to different situations

4.4 what if there is no display on the digital tube of the computer after starting up

ac220v is not added or the switching power supply fails. If it is confirmed that the AC220V power supply has been added, it is necessary to contact the company for maintenance

4.5 what about the irregular and disorderly display of the computer display after startup

the system computer board is faulty. If the above conditions are confirmed, it is necessary to contact the company for maintenance

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