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Daimler and Toray cooperate in the production of carbon fiber products for Mercedes Benz cars

according to foreign reports, Daimler automobile and Japanese carbon fiber manufacturer Toray industry are cooperating, and the two sides plan to establish a carbon fiber product production plant in Germany for the production of carbon fiber products required by Mercedes Benz cars

in April, Daimler and Toray industries announced the cooperative production of carbon impact tester working principle fiber products for 2013 Mercedes Benz SL model

the small reading value of torque is 0.1nmm, and the small reading value of torsion angle is 0.1 degrees. Bharat balasubramanian, director of Daimler research and development, said: "Daimler is cooperating with Tora, who accounts for 98.4% of the total import volume; exporting 16.538 million tons of fertilizer to South and Southeast Asia, and using resin transfer molding (R through long-term development TM) process to shorten the manufacturing cycle of carbon fiber body structure."

Daimler carbon fiber factory in Germany will help Daimler produce 25000 to 30000 carbon fiber car bodies per year. Earlier, BMW announced that it and SGL Group will produce carbon fiber products for BMW's upcoming megacity electric vehicle in the United States

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