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China heavy duty cog successfully trial produced Daimler engine gears

China heavy duty cog successfully trial produced Daimler engine gears

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recently, Daimler completed the trial production of Daimler engine gears and delivered 15 sets of D samples for review by Daimler

after many technical and commercial consultations with Daimler in the early stage, big gear company was determined as a localization fixed-point supplier at the beginning of this year, authorized to produce four kinds of assembly parts, and the pace of R & D and innovation of six manufacturing enterprises should also be accelerated. In order to promote the project smoothly, the company set up a project team led by the process department to communicate with relevant Daimler personnel and foreign experts for multiple rounds and formulate multiple solutions for raw material problems, technical difficulties and purchased parts procurement problems found in the preparation process of trial production. In terms of raw materials, Daimler originally planned to use three different raw materials, one of which is currently not used by big gear. After digesting and understanding Daimler's material standards, combined with the experience of processing other workpieces, from the perspective of heat treatment processing methods and ensuring product quality, Daimler suggested that Daimler integrate the three raw materials into two commonly used materials. After many discussions, the opposite party accepted the company's proposal

in the trial production process, in view of the complex structure of the assembly parts of the project, the company made multiple technical breakthroughs and improvements. First, change the original positioning method, locate the inner hole and end face, and design and manufacture the positioning tooling for vehicles to ensure that the parallelism of the end face can be within the tolerance range required by the drawing after machining. Second, the existing gear grinding fixture is partially improved, and a gear grinding sleeve is designed to grind the teeth of the two workpieces separately, which solves the problem that the teeth of the workpiece cannot be locally ground. Third, under the condition that Daimler's drawings do not have complete requirements for workpiece heat treatment, nor can it be mentioned that some equipment has been installed and debugged for clear inspection standards, the gear company has determined the heat treatment processing plan based on many years of processing experience and the analysis results of the original parts provided by Daimler, which has finally been recognized by German experts. Fourth, overcome the assembly problems. The assembly of assemblies is an important step in the trial production of samples. German experts also pay high attention to what is good if the assembly is good. In order to ensure the smooth assembly of samples, the company has designed special fixtures; In order to ensure the cleanliness of the workpiece, all parts are bagged for dust-proof treatment after cleaning, and the overall assembly process is carried out in a clean and closed environment

using the blend composed of waste tire rubber particles in cement can avoid cracks after cement treatment

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