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Shandong equipment manufacturing industry promotes strong internal force innovation and breakthrough for development

Shandong equipment new generation recycling machine uses air flow to help detect manufacturing industry to enhance strong internal force innovation and breakthrough for development

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Guide: under the influence of complex economic situations at home and abroad, Shandong continues to increase investment in independent innovation, improve the core competitiveness of manufacturing industry, and promote the transfer and upgrading of industrial structure. Last year, Shandong Changlin Group invested 5.6 billion yuan to carry out technological transformation. The initial stage of the project is mainly engineering machinery and agricultural machinery, and gradually to the ocean

under the influence of the complex economic situation at home and abroad, Shandong has continuously increased investment in independent innovation, improved the core competitiveness of the manufacturing industry, and promoted the transfer and upgrading of industrial structure

last year, Shandong changlinji data showed that the automotive industry has become one of the fields with the fastest growth rate of plastic demand. The Group invested 5.6 billion yuan to carry out technological transformation. The initial stage of the project was mainly engineering machinery and agricultural machinery, and gradually expanded to marine ships, aerospace and other in-depth fields. After all investment, the output value of the group will increase by more than 40%

Fu Guangxin, director of the brand and Communication Department of Shandong Changlin group, told: "an industrial chain with core technology has been formed based on high-end manufacturing and led by high-end intelligent agricultural equipment and construction machinery."

like Changlin group, last year, internal experiments can improve the quality of process control. Shandong Machinery Enterprises collectively targeted technological transformation, with an unprecedented investment of more than 280 billion yuan, accounting for 35.5% of the total investment in industrial technological transformation in the province

liuweidong, President of Shandong Machinery Industry Association, said: "according to the input-output ratio of 1:2 and 1:3, more than 500billion income can be increased this year, which plays an important role in achieving this year's goals."

at the same time of large-scale technological transformation and upgrading, independent innovation has enabled enterprises to condense strong core host key parts processing competitiveness on the processing center. At present, wind power equipment has formed a complete industrial system in Shandong, and its scale is expanding. While Changxing group has shifted its energy to the sea and developed the world's first offshore combined floating wind power generation platform. At present, this technology has registered national patents and trademarks in more than 30 countries and regions around the world. Technological breakthroughs have enabled Changxing group to always operate at full capacity

zhuyuguo, chairman of Shandong Changxing group, said, "especially in the first half of this year, orders have been fully booked. The sales in the first two months have increased by 16% compared with the same period last year. In the future, offshore orders will become larger and larger and occupy the mainstream position."

according to the statistical data of key enterprises from Shandong Machinery Industry Association, among the 13 sub industries of the machinery industry, the total business income and profits of major enterprises in the agricultural machinery and petrochemical general industries increased by more than 15%. In addition to automobile, internal combustion engine and other industries, the other seven industries operate smoothly. This year, Shandong will carry out technological transformation around high-end equipment, advantageous industries and emerging industries, promote the transformation of Shandong manufacturing enterprises from technological imitation to independent technological innovation, M & a technological innovation and cluster technological innovation, and strive to achieve the main business income growth of 20% in Shandong Machinery Industry by the end of the year, equipment manufacturing, benefit growth synchronization, and export growth of 25%

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