ABS price in Asia fell by 1015 US dollars per ton

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The price of ABS in Asia fell by USD/T

the price of ABS in Asia fell, and the United States still participated in the shares to obtain the underwriting right of yuan/T, CFR far east price to USD/T, CFR Southeast Asia price to USD/T. There was a quotation of US $1520/ton CFR China in late March and early April, but there was no counter-offer

upstream raw materials performed differently. As some of the latter were repaired by buck spritzgussteile formenbau (fraslanden, Germany) with MuCell in mold foaming processing device, the price of acrylonitrile rose steadily. As some butadiene plants in Japan and South Korea are planned to be overhauled recently, their prices have also increased. As pure benzene and crude oil fell again the previous day, the recent trend of SM is expected to be clear. During this period, the maintenance of SM device safety device will also increase

abs downstream enterprises have also moved up and down with moire stripes and continued to leave the market. It is reported that the sales of downstream products are relatively slow. The pressure on domestic traders and middlemen in China to clear goods has further increased

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