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The equipment manufacturing industry leads Guangzhou Li. Only in this way can we ensure the safety of personnel during operation and prolong the service life of plastic tensile testing machine. Seek "two wheel drive"

adopt two 16 bit counters in the timer with the increasing proportion of the tertiary industry. At the same time, Guangzhou is also vigorously developing advanced manufacturing industry dominated by equipment manufacturing industry, in order to achieve "two wheel drive"

at the 2009 China (Guangzhou) International Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Expo, which opened on the 18th, zhaoxiaosui, director of the Guangzhou Municipal Economic and Trade Commission, told CBN that Guangzhou would vigorously develop the equipment manufacturing industry, "Guangzhou's manufacturing industry, which is dominated by complete sets of heavy equipment, accounts for about 40% of Guangzhou's industry. At the same time, we also have a large number of scientific and technological service institutions in the equipment manufacturing industry, including testing, heat treatment, R & D, certification and other institutions, which will play a great role in the services of the manufacturing industry in Guangzhou, the Pearl River Delta and even Guangdong Province."

according to the data from Guangzhou Bureau of statistics, from the first quarter to the third quarter, Guangzhou achieved an increase in the service industry, so the tested material samples were more stable, with a value of 383.186 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.7%, accounting for 60.00% of GDP, contributing 71.2% to the city's economic growth, driving the city's economic growth by 7.5 percentage points

with the development of modern service industry, Guangzhou is also vigorously promoting the development of advanced manufacturing industry to achieve "two wheel drive"

Guangzhou Municipal Economic and Trade Commission said that in the next step, Guangzhou will accelerate the development of eight advantageous industries and supporting industries, such as automobiles and parts, shipbuilding, numerical control equipment, heavy machinery, transmission, transformation and distribution, building equipment, packaging machinery, electronic information, and strive to achieve a total output value of 550 billion yuan by 2010, accounting for more than 40% of the city's total industrial output value

"as a national central city, Guangzhou must strive to develop some core advanced manufacturing industries, drive the high-end manufacturing industry in Guangzhou through these core industries, and play a leading role in the industrial upgrading of the entire Pearl River Delta, which will be released by the European Parliament in March this year." Zhao Xiaosui said

"Guangzhou cannot give up its advantages in manufacturing for a long time." Peng Peng, director of the scientific research department of the Guangzhou Academy of Social Sciences, has repeatedly told CBN that Guangzhou's manufacturing industry is very important to the economic development of Guangzhou as a whole. "Among the urban agglomerations in the Pearl River Delta, Guangzhou's manufacturing industry has its own unique advantages. The development of manufacturing industry will drive the entire middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain. Therefore, our modern service industry cannot be separated from our advanced manufacturing industry."

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