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Henan Jiaozuo Equipment Manufacturing Technology Research Center unveiled

Henan Jiaozuo Equipment Manufacturing Technology Research Center unveiled

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an important tier 1 parts supplier in the German automotive industry. On July 27, Jiaozuo equipment manufacturing technology research center was established in Henan axis Holding Group Co., Ltd. Xie Yuan, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor, and guodongming, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and President of Dalian University of technology, unveiled the center. Xie Yu'an announced the opening of the Jiaozuo equipment manufacturing industry technological innovation exchange conference and the second science and technology festival of Henan axis Holding Group Co., Ltd. Qiao XueDa, vice mayor, Zheng Qiuhong, director of the municipal urban rural integration demonstration zone management committee, and Zheng Guanghua, President of Jiaozuo university attended the opening ceremony

at present, "Internet +" has set off a new round of industrial revolution, especially with the implementation of strategies such as "made in China 2025" and Henan Province's "action plan for accelerating a major province of advanced manufacturing", high-end equipment manufacturing in the direction of intelligence, digitization and integration has become the general trend of industrial development. The equipment manufacturing industry has always been the traditional advantageous industry of Jiaozuo City and the largest industrial cluster of Jiaozuo City. In particular, a group of backbone enterprises dominated by China axle group have persevered in the path of scientific and technological innovation and achieved rapid and sustainable development. At present, Jiaozuo high-end equipment industrial cluster has been included in the provincial "tens of millions" billion level advantageous industrial cluster cultivation project plan, providing a major opportunity for enterprises to accelerate development

Qiao XueDa said at the opening ceremony that he hoped the participating enterprises would take this event as an opportunity to gradually release moisture moisture machines, strengthen in-depth exchanges in the industry, aim at advanced cutting-edge technologies, gather more innovative resources, deepen docking and cooperation with scientific research institutions, promote the achievement and transformation of more advanced technologies, and drive the transformation and upgrading of Jiaozuo equipment manufacturing industry. Jiaozuo Municipal Party committee and government will, as always, create a good environment, provide high-quality and efficient services, fully support enterprises to carry out scientific and technological innovation, and build Jiaozuo into a strategic highland for the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry

Guo Dongming said that Jiaozuo, as a demonstration city of economic transformation in the Central Plains Economic Zone, has formed ten industrial chains, including equipment manufacturing, automobiles and parts, with inaccurate speed control. In recent years, Jiaozuo's high-end equipment manufacturing industry has developed rapidly, and the construction of industrial transformation and upgrading has been steadily promoted. As an institution of higher learning with the only major equipment manufacturing collaborative innovation center in China, Dalian University of technology, together with Henan University of technology and Jiaozuo University, will jointly plan industry university research cooperation, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and promote Jiaozuo innovation driven development

After the opening ceremony, Xie Yu'an and his delegation visited the exhibition of scientific and technological innovation achievements of Jiaozuo City in some equipment manufacturing and the comparison of more than 30t electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine with electronic universal experimental machine, listened carefully to the staff's introduction to the research and development process of scientific and technological innovation projects, and understood in detail the important driving force of scientific and technological innovation as optimizing the economic structure of Jiaozuo City and promoting the transformation and development of Jiaozuo City

At the meeting, Ma Haiyang, chairman of China axle group, and Wang Qinghe, President of Huadian Zhengzhou Machinery Design and Research Institute, signed a strategic cooperation agreement

it is reported that the conference will last for 5 days, and will hold innovative achievements exhibition, technological innovation forum, enterprise cooperation project docking, on-site visit and other activities

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