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The equipment manufacturing industry should accurately make efforts to make up for weaknesses

the equipment manufacturing industry is the main part of the modern economy. Whether in the traditional economic development mode or under the condition of economic globalization, the equipment manufacturing industry is a representative form of advanced productivity and core competitiveness, and an important engine and driver of sustainable economic development. At present, there are still many shortcomings in China's equipment manufacturing industry. During the 13th Five Year Plan period, we should increase investment, strengthen research and development, speed up development, strive to occupy the world's commanding heights, control the technological voice, and make China a big country in modern equipment manufacturing

it is of great significance to expand and strengthen the equipment manufacturing industry

from a worldwide perspective, all open countries have established a multi-level open economic system, mainly including import and export trade, foreign exchange reserves, overseas investment, international debt, technical cooperation, economic cooperation, etc. Analyzing these specific ways of opening up, we will find that no matter how many ways of opening up, a very important point is to attach importance to the development level and export capacity of processing industry, which is closely related to the equipment manufacturing industry

in other words, a large part of the generation of openness and international competitiveness actually depends on the equipment manufacturing industry. The development history and reality of developed countries have also proved this truth. First, the core strategies of economic development in most developed countries are actually carried out around the equipment manufacturing industry, such as the current high processing, fine processing, precision processing, etc., which are implemented through science and technology and talent strategies. Second, the strong openness of developed countries is actually the strong ability of equipment manufacturing industry. At present, the equipment manufacturing industry accounts for a high proportion of the national economy in the world's major equipment manufacturing countries and powers, such as Switzerland, South Korea and Germany, when the load can no longer rise. Third, the export capacity of developed countries is strong, mainly in the export of finished products, rather than raw materials. Fourth, the modern equipment manufacturing industry supported by the information industry is the general trend of industrial development, which means that the equipment manufacturing industry is upgraded to a high level

therefore, to judge a country's export capacity, we should not only see the export volume, but also see the structure of export products, the structure of finished products and the structure of intangible assets. Compared with developed countries, China's international competitiveness is weak, mainly reflected in core technology. From the internal relationship, the core technology level is often closely related to the technology research and development level of the equipment cylinder manufacturing industry. Equipment manufacturing industry is one of the areas with the most intensive core technologies, including product design, technological invention rights, core components, appearance design, trademarks, etc. The equipment manufacturing industry is the backbone of a country's manufacturing industry. It can be said that a key point to enhance international competitiveness and the overall level of economic development is to develop the equipment manufacturing industry

over the years, the comprehensive strength of China's equipment manufacturing industry has significantly improved, the industrial economic scale has maintained growth, and the output of key products such as automobiles, power generation equipment, CNC machine tools with traditional scale advantages continues to lead the world. Significant achievements have been made in the independent research and development of high-end equipment, and some products have reached the world's advanced level, further improving the support and guarantee ability for the development of the national economy. However, China's equipment manufacturing industry is still in the stage of accelerating the improvement of basic processes and technologies, such as the conversion of old and new kinetic energy, the liquidation of inefficient assets, the further segmentation of market demand, energy conservation and environmental protection, and so on. We need to strengthen efforts to remedy weaknesses and enhance international competitiveness

the development of equipment manufacturing industry should be classified and implemented.

from the operational level, due to the large differences between China's traditional industry and high-end equipment manufacturing industry, the structure is relatively complex, and their development conditions and environments are relatively different. Therefore, we must choose different paths in the implementation strategy, and take different and targeted measures for different equipment manufacturing industries

first, improve the strategic position of the equipment manufacturing industry. The equipment manufacturing industry must not be regarded as a sunset industry or a substitute industry. In modern society, any country should pay special attention to the development of equipment manufacturing industry in order to improve the internal force and endurance of economic development. Improving and strengthening China's equipment is the top priority of building a manufacturing power. At present and in the future, we should not only grasp the fundamentals, adhere to the innovation drive, strive to break through a number of key common technologies, and vigorously improve the independent design level and system integration ability of major equipment, but also focus on the core, focus on the key points, speed up the implementation of a number of major projects, and actively meet the economic and social development and national major strategic needs

second, expand the development space of equipment manufacturing industry. In fact, in western developed countries, a large number of equipment manufacturing industries are included in the tertiary industry, and the equipment development and service industry of many industries are synchronized and bundled. China should adjust some development ideas and strategies to give the equipment manufacturing industry a relatively large development space, status and resources in the aspects of development ideas, planning, project planning, policy guidance, etc. In particular, we should give more attention and support to the capital investment, technology and talent support of the equipment manufacturing industry

third, we should promote the work of making up for weaknesses in the equipment manufacturing industry by classification. First, for the high-end equipment manufacturing industry, we should continue to strive to expand the total amount, optimize the structure, create famous products, and develop domestic and foreign markets in the future. Second, we should be determined to eliminate some traditional equipment manufacturing industries with overcapacity. Third, for the manufacturing industry of characteristic equipment, such as electric l drop testing machine: the test products are the drop resistant cars, water-saving equipment, energy-saving lamps, biological power generation, biological drugs, resource-based equipment that fall freely at a certain height when the domestic special metal materials independently developed by China Steel Research Institute, represented by mold special steel, are gradually opening up the market in Dongguan. For these manufacturing industries, the future development should focus on the park Expand production, develop new products, form a series of products, cultivate fine products and brands, and develop domestic and foreign markets. Fourth, for the processing equipment manufacturing industry of agricultural products (12.100, 0.03, 0.25%), a series of production patterns should be formed as soon as possible

fourth, innovate the development environment of equipment manufacturing industry. At present and in the future, China's opening-up and development must focus on improving the development capacity of the equipment manufacturing industry. The bottleneck of equipment manufacturing industry must be solved, and the pass of equipment manufacturing industry must be broken. We need to solve the following problems: first, we should promote the development of equipment manufacturing industry with institutional innovation, and actively and boldly promote institutional innovation in all aspects in accordance with the spirit and requirements of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee. Second, we should promote the development of equipment manufacturing industry around improving the market system, adjust the structure in the face of domestic and international markets, and combine the construction of market system with the development of manufacturing industry. Third, the development of equipment manufacturing industry should insist on doing something and not doing something, highlight the key points and highlight the feasibility. Fourth, we should concentrate and gather development resources, prevent decentralized layout and repeated construction, and scientifically arrange projects and enterprises in the equipment manufacturing industry throughout the country

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