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Guizhou equipment manufacturing industry ranks in the list of 100 billion yuan. The industry is booming.

Guizhou equipment manufacturing industry ranks in the list of 100 billion yuan. The industry is booming.

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in dongjiangke, Gui'an new area, Guizhou, especially the connector screw Technology Co., Ltd. of each oil pipe, office director Jing Hongtao pointed to a pile of parts produced according to orders and said, "some parts for special purposes, customers will provide raw materials themselves." He said that the company's workshop in Gui'an new area was only put into operation in March this year, and the output value of this year is expected to reach about 18million yuan

in order to promote the development of manufacturing industry, Gui'an new area plans a high-end equipment manufacturing industrial park covering an area of 22.18 square kilometers, which takes "high-end industry" and "high-end industry" as the core to fulfill the standard gb/t5224 ⑵ 003 and power of steel strands, focuses on the development of aerospace industry, intelligent equipment manufacturing, auto parts manufacturing, environmental protection equipment and medical device manufacturing, and constructs high-end equipment manufacturing industrial clusters to form an agglomeration effect

according to the construction command of Guizhou Gui'an new high-end manufacturing park and the simulation analysis to find the best process fit point, at present, the park has signed 18 enterprises with a total signed investment of about 17.5 billion yuan. This year, it will complete a total industrial output value of 500 million yuan and create 1000 new jobs

in recent years, with the acceleration of the transformation and upgrading of the three major military industrial groups of aviation, aerospace and electronics and enterprises in the industry, Guizhou's independent innovation ability has been continuously improved, and a number of industrial parks dominated by equipment manufacturing have taken shape, and the industrial driving role has been continuously strengthened

Yiqing group is a diversified enterprise group with industries covering optoelectronic technology, biological health engineering, light aviation technology and other fields. It entered Zunyi, Guizhou in 2012 to produce integrated circuit boards, cover plates, capacitive touch screens, LCD modules and other products. At present, its optoelectronic products are very popular in South Asia, the Middle East, Africa and South America

"fight for your dream and build China's' Switzerland '!" "Make made in China the world standard!" Similar slogans can be seen everywhere in Xingfu xianglijian Machinery Co., Ltd. in Jinzhong Economic Development Zone, Danzhai County, Southeast Guizhou. The company is an enterprise integrating the design, development, production, sales and after-sales service of mechanical equipment. It belongs to the high-end equipment manufacturing industry encouraged by the national "12th Five Year Plan"

Xingfu xianglijian Machinery Co., Ltd. has excellent product quality and good stability. It is an outstanding domestic product of the same kind, which can be comparable with China, especially in the manufacturing of aircraft engines, and enjoys a high reputation among users. In September 2013, after participating in the European machine tool exhibition in Hannover, Germany, orders from home and abroad poured in, with an output value of more than 300 million yuan last year

according to the Guizhou Provincial Commission of economy and information technology, at present, a number of important products in Guizhou, such as automobiles, engineering machinery, mining machinery, power equipment, rail transit, machine tools and so on, continue to occupy the market, and the high-end equipment manufacturing industry in the province is booming, showing a good development trend

according to statistics, the total output value of the equipment manufacturing industry above Designated Size in the province increased from 22.6 billion yuan in 2007 to 89.9 billion yuan in 2014, and the industrial added value increased from 5.816 billion yuan to 19.425 billion yuan. According to the plan, the output value of equipment manufacturing industry above Designated Size in Guizhou will reach 100billion yuan this year, ranking among the ranks of 100billion yuan

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