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Shaanxi's equipment manufacturing industry grew steadily in the first July

according to the Shaanxi Provincial Department of industry and information technology, although the growth rate of the province's equipment manufacturing industry fell month on month, it increased by 20% year-on-year, with a significant increase of 0.4 percentage points faster than that in the previous June and 8 percentage points faster than that in the same period last year, and the overall growth continued to maintain a good momentum of steady growth. In June, industrial enterprises above Designated Size in the equipment manufacturing industry in the province completed a total industrial output value of 204.165 billion yuan, an increase of 20% year-on-year. The overall performance of the nine sub industries is seven fast, one slow and one drop. The growth rate of the seven industries is faster and higher than the provincial industrial average. The growth rate of electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, such as crankshaft, special equipment manufacturing industry, railway, shipbuilding, aerospace and other transportation equipment manufacturing industry, metal products industry, instrument and meter manufacturing industry and other manufacturing industries was faster than that of the same period last year, and higher than the provincial average level. The growth rate of fixed asset investment shows an accelerated growth trend, which is higher than the average level of the 2017 China aluminum processing and lubrication technology exchange seminar and Anhui Huaibei Suixi aluminum industry development high-end forum held in Suixi economic development zone

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