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Jincheng: equipment manufacturing industry has become a new bright spot of economic growth

in this month, the processing tolerance of equipment manufacturing molds in Jincheng city was 1/3 of the tolerance of plastic parts. The national tax revenue of the industry was 235.82 million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 39.13% and an increase of 66.32 million yuan. The growth rate ranked first among the major industries of the secondary industry. The tax contribution rate increased from 2.1gbt245 ⑴ 997 metal tube crimping experimental method 7% to 3.38%, showing a high level of operation Continue to develop well

according to the analysis, the gratifying tax increase of Jincheng equipment manufacturing industry is mainly due to the fact that in recent years, Jincheng Municipal Party committee and government have closely focused on the transformation and leapfrog development, actively carried out investment attraction, promoted the construction of key projects, and boosted the adjustment of industrial structure. A large number of equipment manufacturing enterprises such as Foxconn and Jinding coal machinery have settled in Jincheng, which has produced good economic benefits and provided rich tax sources for the tax department, It has promoted the rapid growth of the city's equipment manufacturing tax. Taking Foxconn (Jincheng) Industrial Park as an example, the production and operation of the enterprise has continued to improve since it was put into operation. In this month, the national tax revenue declared for warehousing was 168.34 million yuan, an increase of 172.35% year-on-year, with an increase of 106531 The refrigeration system of the cold and hot shock experimental machine is the core of the experimental machine. It must be inspected once a year to see if there is any leakage of all copper pipes, horn joints and welding joints. If there is any oil leakage, please deal with it directly or inform the original factory of 10000 yuan, which will become the main engine to raise the tax revenue of the city's equipment manufacturing industry

it is reported that although the equipment manufacturing industry currently accounts for a small proportion of the national tax revenue of Jincheng City, its tax growth is of great significance. At present, the city is in a critical period of transformation and leapfrog development. The adjustment of industrial structure is urgently needed for the development of advanced equipment manufacturing industry. Its rapid development is of great significance for the city to speed up the adjustment of industrial structure, strengthen technological innovation, and promote industrial optimization and upgrading. In addition, as an important part of the secondary industry chain, the rapid growth of equipment manufacturing industry has promoted the economic development of most related industries

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