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Equipment manufacturing industry turns to service-oriented financial leasing

in the period of advocating and emphasizing transformation, China's financial leasing industry and equipment manufacturing industry are also facing transformation problems, and the combination of the two is exactly the best point of convergence of the transformation of the two industries

recently, at the 2013 international financial leasing forum hosted by China business and Bohou strategy, professionals from different industries discussed the theme of financial leasing supporting the transformation of equipment manufacturing industry to service-oriented and international development

joint transformation and upgrading

Liu Weidong: from the practice of these years, the cooperation between leasing companies and equipment manufacturing enterprises is still in a low-level and immature stage. It is mainly reflected in the simplification of cooperation mode. Equipment manufacturing enterprises regard leasing companies as financing platforms and do not give full play to the unique advantages of financial leasing to a very high level

in fact, the financing environment faced by equipment manufacturing enterprises is not bad. The rubber low-temperature brittleness testing machine in banks and capital markets can be used to assess and affirm the financing of products such as electricians, electronics, automotive appliances, materials, etc. by issuing bonds. Compared with other financing methods, financial leasing is at a disadvantage. As a result of the relatively good financing environment, the problem of overcapacity in equipment manufacturing enterprises is becoming more and more serious

so how to realize the common transformation and upgrading of equipment manufacturing and financial leasing

first of all, there should be a fundamental change in consciousness and ideas, that is, we should talk about transformation from the perspective of strategic thinking. From the level of communication between the two sides, the level of cooperation between China Merchants Bank leasing and the equipment manufacturing industry in recent years is still relatively low. The current communication is basically finance, equipment and sales, and there is a lack of high-level communication. We should strengthen the benign interaction and complementary advantages of the high-level, fundamentally change our ideology in this regard, and find common goals

the second is how to improve two abilities (asset management ability and capital and financial operation management ability) and build two platforms (asset management platform and capital and financial operation management platform or service platform). These two are the focus of the combination of industry and finance. Using the advantages of financial leasing and manufacturers, we can maximize the efficiency of capital utilization on the premise of reducing risk management. Some advantages of leasing companies, especially banks, such as the unique advantages in capital and finance, including interest rate risk management, exchange rate risk management and liquidity risk management, can be grafted into equipment manufacturing enterprises. The advantages of equipment management in equipment manufacturing enterprises are also the direction of the transformation of China Merchants Bank leasing, which is limited by the development stage, the allocation of human resources, the lack of high-level exchanges, etc. in this regard, we will strengthen our efforts and exploration in the next step

thirdly, how to strengthen the close cooperation between industry and finance in domestic and international markets. The international market is the problem of going out. How can leasing companies set up their own companies in the free trade zone, how to promote trade liberalization and trade facilitation, and how to realize the settlement of RMB? It is a problem before completing the dream of multi-dimensional material map, so as to truly achieve win-win cooperation and take the road of sustainable development

financial institutions support

guoyilin: entering the 21st century, especially after 2003, a large number of enterprises went abroad to invest. China Export Credit Insurance (reassurance) Corporation timely launched overseas investment insurance and overseas leasing insurance. Under the lease insurance, we mainly cover the risks of overseas rent recovery and the safety of leased assets

in terms of business, up to now, the ship industry has done the most in financial leasing, and now it is slowly expanding to other equipment manufacturing industries, including transportation equipment, textile equipment, building materials equipment. This is just the beginning. There will be a lot of room for our support in the future

under the new situation, in the process of transformation and upgrading of equipment manufacturing industry, on the one hand, the technical content of equipment is increasing, and it may be exported to some developed countries in the future. Because developed countries have relatively mature financial leasing sales methods, enterprises will inevitably consider financial leasing. On the other hand, transferring some industries with comparative advantages in developing countries and exporting some equipment to developing countries have great advantages in the form of leasing

experience and lessons

richard Guilbert: what does going global mean for Chinese manufacturers? I want to tell you two examples I have participated in, which will have a lot of reference significance

first, Dell financial services. In 1997, Dell signed a strategic agreement with CIT to provide financial services in Europe and North America, bringing American businesses to 12 countries in Europe. At that time, we faced many challenges and learned many lessons. The most important point is to understand the local legal environment and accounting environment, and to adapt and localize. Second, we should educate our employees to understand the local work culture and professional ethics

second, we have cooperated with a global manufacturer. In 2009, when the European crisis came, it was difficult for banks to provide appropriate services, so they set up a manufacturer finance company. What lessons and experiences are there? You must understand your strengths and weaknesses. The reason why they decided to set up their own company is that they have a good balance sheet and a lot of idle funds. By setting up this financial company, we can use these funds to provide better services for customers and obtain more profits

these two examples are worth learning when going out

Wang Zhiwu: CIMC group (000039, Guba) has also been committed to upgrading and transformation in the past few decades, and has made many horizontal expansion, including from containers to road transport vehicles. At present, the single volume has reached the first in the world. In addition, in terms of energy, chemical industry and equipment, it has also achieved the first place in China. At the same time, CIMC began to enter marine engineering equipment in 2008. At present, the progress in these fields is relatively successful

whether manufacturing products or providing financial services, the essence is to explore customer needs, contribute value to customers, and realize their own value at the same time. Therefore, we have followed a path of integration of industry and Finance with CIMC characteristics, and established a financial leasing company in 2007. By tapping other needs of customers and even exceeding CIMC's own products, for example, last year and this year, it provided the world's second-largest and third-largest shipbuilding enterprises with an overall solution of ship design + manufacturing + financial leasing

financial leasing provides a beneficial direction for the transformation of equipment manufacturing industry. At the same time, the way of financial leasing is a very good combination of industry and finance, so I think the prospect of this field is very bright. Of course, there are many ways to do this. Not all equipment manufacturing companies are suitable to set up a leasing company by themselves

seek change in operation

Cai Yuanming: in 2005, Shaangu clearly put forward the strategic slogan of two changes, and the most important one is to turn into a system service provider and an operator. Because of this idea, we divide our business into three sectors: manufacturing, service and operation

for example, at the beginning, we provided users with compressors for separation devices. Later, we provided overall solutions, providing services around the whole product life cycle, and then switching to operation. Because we found that what users want is not equipment, but the result of equipment. They want oxygen, nitrogen and other gases separated from the air. We invest in this equipment, and users pay according to the produced gas, which leads to the third sector of our transformation

Yang Gang: running a supplier financing cooperation plan is actually a great challenge. From the most realistic point of view, what is our relationship with suppliers? The relationship with suppliers is simple to say and difficult to do. The relationship with suppliers is a partnership, which means there are supports and challenges between each other

we have two customers, the lessee and the supplier. Financial service is to provide good service. Whether it is the lessee who repays or the supplier who recommends business, they all have very clear needs. How to meet their needs is the biggest challenge in their daily work. Based on our own cooperation with Siemens and the cooperation with many third-party suppliers in China, the needs of suppliers are as follows: first, the threshold for approving projects should be low, second, the speed of approving projects should be fast, and third, the financing price provided should be cheap

what we need to do on these three bases is to provide very convenient overall services. Suppliers working with financial leasing companies will provide an added value to customers. Why should suppliers provide financing solutions to customers? Because from the perspective of suppliers, since customers have potential financing needs, suppliers have the opportunity to obtain competitive advantage if they meet the financing requirements of customers. The common goal of Siemens leasing and suppliers is to achieve a one-stop solution of technical products + finance, and provide customers with packaged services integrating financial services and technology. When persuading customers to accept products technically, customers don't have to worry about money

there are two ways of financing provided by suppliers, one is to use the manufacturer's own financial leasing company, and the other is to cooperate with a third party. Either way, we should appropriately enter the comprehensive transformation stage that lasts for several years, allocate risks and sources of funds, and avoid the overly interdependent relationship between suppliers and leasing companies

in the long run, if the supplier financing scheme can be provided continuously, the supplier will have an additional tool in terms of market development, and the supplier marketing mode will also change

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