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Equipment manufacturing industry lays the foundation for the development of Yunnan's industrial economy

five years later, Yunnan's equipment manufacturing industry will take on a new look - by 2012, the sales revenue of Yunnan's machinery and equipment industry will reach 80billion yuan, with an average annual growth of 26.5%, and the industrial added value will reach 21billion yuan, with an average annual growth of 28%

the introduction of the action plan for the adjustment and revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry in Yunnan Province outlines a clear road map for the equipment manufacturing industry in Yunnan Province, and strives to speed up the construction of industrial bases and achieve major breakthroughs in key areas in five years

new breakthroughs have been made in the independent innovation ability in the fields of large-scale railway shielding equipment, numerical control equipment, optoelectronic products, internal combustion engines, light trucks, sugar making complete equipment and so on. By 2010, we will strive to invest more than 30billion yuan in technological transformation and innovation ability construction, and enhance the technological innovation and new products of the whole industry It has higher sensitivity and development ability, laying a foundation for accelerating development from 2010 to 2012

early planning of the electrical industry

Yunnan power equipment industrial base is an industrial agglomeration area planned earlier, and it is also a powerful measure to revitalize the electrical industry. The industrial base is located in the high-tech industrial base of Chenggong New City, and is designated as a strategic base for accelerating the development of power equipment industry and facing the power construction in Yunnan, Southwest China and Southeast Asia

it is understood that at present, please re tension the tensioning wheel. Yunnan Copper Compaq Industrial Co., Ltd. and Yun gb/t 2101-2008 (General Provisions on acceptance, packaging, marking and quality certificate of section steel); Nantong Transformer Co., Ltd., Yunnan switchgear Group Co., Ltd. and Kunming automation complete equipment operation company signed the settlement agreement. Yunnan Switchgear Factory, Kunming motor factory, Yunnan Transformer Factory, Kunming Cable Factory and other leading enterprises also intend to settle in the base, integrate resources, and promote the orderly progress of the power equipment industry base

at the same time, the power equipment industrial base will also focus on the development of power generation, transmission and transformation equipment and related supporting products and new energy power generation equipment characterized by plateau electrical appliances in the future, establish an industrial group characterized by plateau electrical appliances, have independent intellectual property rights, fill the electrical insulation materials suitable for plateau, and be able to undertake 60% - 70% of the power equipment tasks in the province in the future, and the manufacturing level of some products has reached the national advanced level, Make it one of the strategic industries in Yunnan

the Kunming municipal government has made it clear that from 2007 to 2010, 25million yuan will be allocated to the high-tech zone every year for the construction of power equipment industrial base. Through the construction of the power industry base, the sales revenue is expected to reach 10billion yuan in 2010, and the construction of the power equipment industry base will be basically completed in 2012

strong base of machine tool industry

the news from Yunnan Provincial Commission of industry and information technology confirmed that Yunnan machine tool industry will take Kunming Economic Development Zone and Guandu District as the main body to build a machine tool industry base and make it a professional industrial park in the economic development zone. The park will be launched as a major investment attraction project in Kunming in 2009, with a development land of about 168 hectares in phase I

it is reported that the machine tool industry base is currently undergoing preliminary preparations, hoping to strengthen the entry of CNC machine tools and supporting industries through investment attraction, and encourage and support enterprises such as Kunming Machine Tool Co., Ltd., Kunming Taizheng Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., CY Group, Xi'an Instrument Industry Co., Ltd. to enter the industrial base for development. Integrate resources and drive functional component enterprises and the foundry industry to form industrial clusters with rising prices

the construction goal of the machine tool industrial base is to complete the construction of the machine tool industrial park by 2010, initially form a corresponding supporting industrial chain, and strive to invest 6billion yuan and achieve 8billion yuan in sales revenue

railway maintenance machinery base focuses on cultivation

in order to meet the needs of national high-speed railway construction, Yunnan strongly supports Kunming China Railway Large Road Maintenance Machinery Group Co., Ltd. to accelerate its development, cultivate its core competitiveness with independent intellectual property rights, further improve its independent innovation ability, and speed up the construction of Asia's largest and domestic leading large-scale high-speed railway maintenance machinery R & D, production and major repair base

at the same time, on the basis of the existing plain road maintenance machinery, Yunnan will focus on the development of plateau road maintenance machinery, strive to invest 2billion yuan by 2010, basically build a large road maintenance machinery base, complete the introduction, digestion, absorption, re innovation and development of relevant new products, drive relevant industries to form industrial supporting facilities, and the sales revenue will reach more than 3billion yuan

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