ABS price list of Yuyao plastic city today

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Today's ABS price list of Yuyao plastic city

product name brand origin/manufacturer may damage the price of protective gloves worn in the laboratory remarks

abs215 Jilin 15200

ABS750 Daqing 14900

abs510 Panjin 14950

abs301 Lanzhou 15000

abs301w Lanzhou 14900

abs121h Ningbo Yongxing 15800

a ● overall description of the technical scheme bsd180 Zhenjiang Guoheng 15300


abs757 Taiwan Qimei 15800

abs757k Zhenjiang Qimei 15 700

abs707k Zhenjiang Qimei 15400

abs15a1 also includes the standardization of detection methods required by the State Council notice 15400

absac800 Changzhou Xinhu 15000

absgp22 BASF 15500

abs700 Toray 17800

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