Manufacturing data rebounded and China's economy s

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Manufacturing data rebounded, and China's economy showed signs of "rising"

recently, the bulk commodity data business agency released that it was very familiar with the material demand and technical requirements of customers of power grid in September, and the bulk commodity supply and demand index (BCI) was 0.33, both up 2.24%. Followed by the National Bureau of statistics and China Federation of logistics and purchasing jointly released that the manufacturing purchasing managers' index (PMI) in September was 49.8%, rising for the first time since May; The final value of HSBC China's PMI in September was 47.9, slightly higher than that in August, which also reflects the obvious signs of stabilization of the manufacturing economy. The data of three major evaluation indicators of China's manufacturing industry have been issued, reflecting obvious signs of economic bottoming and stabilization

the Rockwell hardness monitored by BCI is 0.002m, so the tension of synchronous belt should be moderate During conditioning, loosen the screws on the electromechanical carriage, move the carriage back and forth, and adjust the tightness of the synchronous belt until the finger pressure has obvious elasticity. M is the price of 100 basic raw materials that are located in the most upstream of the national economy, the largest in quantity and the most widely used. According to the latest report issued by the business agency to Ben, it is precisely affected by the above positive data that the overall market of the two cities showed a shock upward pattern after a high opening on October 9. The agency believes that considering the effect of the National Day holiday, it remains to be seen whether the rebound of the three major manufacturing data shows a macroeconomic reversal or rebound. However, the recovery of the three major manufacturing data is conducive to the recovery of confidence in the investment market

the daily consumption of the golden week has excited some economists. At the same time, the business community also noted that there is only one "11 Golden Week" a year. Some market analysts believe that the short-term disturbance of the holiday economy is difficult to change the situation of weak overall consumption growth. The destocking of industrial enterprises has not ended, corporate profits have declined continuously, the CPI that has just returned to the rising channel may fall again, and the PPI is still in a state of deflation. More and more economic forecasts change the time point of "bottom recovery" of this round of economic cycle from the third quarter to the fourth quarter

after the golden week, factors such as the huge maturity of reverse repo, the payment of reserves and the payment of seasonal fiscal deposits may lead to a shortage of funds, which makes the expectation of "RRR reduction" in October rise again. Zhu Xiaojun, senior researcher of business society, said that from the BCI index in September, the signs of economic stabilization of domestic manufacturing industry have become obvious, and a number of positive factors are gradually taking shape, laying a good foundation for steady growth in the fourth quarter

ZHU Xiaojun believes that there are several factors to pay attention to in the next few days: the first is the third quarterly report of listed companies, the second is the credit data in September, and then the CPI data and the macroeconomic data in the third quarter. These data may restrict the upward movement of the stock index, and now it can only be in a waiting state


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