Nine vocabulary of house decoration

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Exotic patterns, stripes

fetish, but only choose what you like and never compromise. Adhere to your own judgment rules and standards, not influenced by others, very stubborn, you don't want to change me easily. I just hope that in such a big world, there is a place that really belongs to me, where the body, emotion and soul can stay free. Don't care about others' opinions, don't care about others' eyes, full of imagination, and free from dogmas and rules

gadgets, small corners

in the corner of the room, there are not many items, but it is enough to deduce an extraordinary artistic temperament. The drawer cabinet with complicated decoration is like a mysterious girl from afar, silent, but it can't cover up the unique charm. The single cloth sofa, wearing classic striped clothes, is ambiguous with the huge iron pentagram in the diagonal position, emitting a silent tacit understanding. Several objects seem to be out of tune with each other, but they are wrapped in an unknown breath, sticky as a family

lace, bathroom, wall decoration

tin toys were the most loyal partners in childhood, but they were unknowingly discarded later. Now, when we grow up, we get them back from various toy stores and give each toy a home of its own. This collection has been very hot, but there are some small problems in storage. Therefore, this small cabinet full of small lattices appeared in time and played its greatest role. The black-and-white paintings on the cabinet are recent works, and the real meaning is only understood by yourself, but this does not prevent it from adding another luster to this wall

traditional furniture, light color, candy color

have you really considered how to design your bathroom? Quickly get rid of those old-fashioned practices and take a look at this creative new space. Yes, lace decorations are also popular items. Some people will be fascinated by these lovely and hand-made gadgets, and gradually more and more. Well, if you choose to decorate them in the bathroom, is it also a good idea

photos, clips, special ways

like traditional furniture, and like a fresh and vivid young feeling? It's not difficult. Fresh and tender colors can completely wash away the seriousness of traditional furniture and make your space both nostalgic and young. All daily living objects are in a small space? What does that matter? Every object is gentle, kind, fashionable but not publicized, so the small house exudes the most real taste of life, making you forget the limitations of space itself. Then use a large window to extend the vision as much as possible, and everything will be solved.

famous products, color patches, and design boutiques

to be honest, photos don't have to stay in a fixed glass house. Now I'll teach you a new way to play - directly clamp them with lively and beautiful small clips, which can be connected in series with several thin ropes, or nail them on cardboard or sound insulation board, and arrange them neatly. This world is your starlight scene, which can be changed at any time and often renewed

Keywords: all kinds of pictures, neatly arranged

some people like to collect iron toys, some people like to collect paper products, and some people enthusiastically like these expensive design boutiques, inspired by the side cabinets of famous paintings and classic leisure chairs, the matched scenes naturally have a strong sense of design. For these people who are obsessed with design, the thing is not more, but more. Dazzling visual composition and pure primary colors can be matched with furniture with a sense of design. Of course, the gray background is also very good

wood, numbers, letters, cotton and hemp

fetishists always have to collect all kinds of good-looking pictures and obtain them through a variety of channels. Posters, invitations to galleries, free postcards outside restaurants, and even the wonderful inner pages of magazines will be carefully cut and pressed into books for preservation. It's not fun to just press at the bottom of the box, so one day, choose some of your favorite ones, design the proportion relationship in advance, complete the proportion on the ground, and then hang them on the wall one by one as they are, which is the most beautiful scenery in the house. Simple black and white photo frames are preferred

Keywords: attics, sloping roofs, music, records

number and letter decorations are becoming more and more popular recently, and often appear on handbags, bedding, and furniture. Large area wall decoration can often determine the general direction of a space, and the decorative effect is very strong, but it will not be too heavy. Cotton, hemp and wood are basically the same thing, and they are also the materials that many fetishists particularly like. When combined, they can only be said to be "extremely comfortable and feel extremely". If you feel a little faint, you can also change the nostalgic decoration on the wall into colorful patterns of plants, animals and so on




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