Buy doors and windows on the double eleventh day.

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During the period from November 5 to November 20, the off-line preferential activities of yunzhicai doors and windows will be staged in yunzhicai door and window stores all over the country. Attractive preferential activities are emerging one after another, making the surrounding melon eaters ready to move

this double 11, yunzhicai doors and windows launched a large-scale promotional activity of "decisive double 11, challenging e-commerce prices". The products participating in the activity include LingChao flush door, legend and Jinyue sliding door, all of which give back to consumers at the lowest price of the year. Only once a year, miss and wait another year. Activity details: please consult yunzhicai doors and windows national franchise store

yunzhicai doors and windows has more than 500 dealers and more than 200 yunzhicai exclusive stores across the country. As a top brand in the door and window industry, it has always led the reform and development of the industry, participated in more than 70 door and window exhibitions all over the country, and created the industry's largest 3600 plus product experience exhibition hall and office space in the prosperous commercial areas in 2016, which is superior to its peers. At the same time, we will deepen equity reform and introduce talents including world-famous hardware parts production companies, overseas original designers, core technology R & D talents, and master's degree talents from national key 211 Engineering Colleges and universities. At the same time, the top marketing agencies in the building materials industry are invited to work together to create the ultimate profit model of the building materials industry, strive to improve the brand and let more customers win at the starting line

in 2016, we will launch the "thousand stores project" and the "ten million big business plan". The nationwide door and window alliance, door and window agency, and aluminum alloy door and window alliance are in full swing. We are sincerely recruiting agents at all levels across the country! It will lay a solid foundation for the enterprise to take off again. And many patents, intelligent products and strong marketing teams are even more escorting the enterprise to take off




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