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Choice is the direction. If you stick to the direction, you will have a greater chance of success

in the business community, people believe in a sentence: choice is more important than effort

then, in the case of overcapacity, high labor costs and rising raw materials, what is our choice

nowadays, a hot word "upgrading and transformation" answers this question well. This will also become the footmark of the whole furniture industry in Chongqing. The process of entrepreneurship is actually the process of finding and meeting needs

how to meet the demand

there are three magic weapons: brand reputation, channel innovation and team building. It can be summarized into six words: brand, channel and team, which means that choosing a good brand, using the channels around, guiding the team, and persistence will win

the three magic weapons also have the last six words as supplement and support, namely culture, innovation and guidance. Culture is the foundation of brand. Without culture as support, the brand is difficult to go in the long run; At the same time, we should improve channels with innovative consciousness. Traditional channels have advantages and disadvantages. Without innovative channels, it is difficult to stand out; The team needs guidance, "guidance" is the direction, "guidance" is the teaching method, the direction can remain unchanged, and the method should be corrected in time

in a word, choosing is the direction. If you stick to the direction, you have a high probability of success. Isn't the idiom "opposite directions" the best example? Of course, if you have a goal, you have to adhere to it. No matter how difficult it is, no matter how many difficulties it is, you should persevere in the direction of your heart and hold fast to the Castle Peak





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