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The ambiguous relationship between color and space can always create an infinite reverie home for us under the creation of the "artist" of life

and home is our longing for beauty

for its design, we seek new space aesthetics

we are eager to carefully design a pure space

so as to present our hobbies one by one

derived from life and higher than life

home, Originated from meeting the needs of life

but accompanied by the continuous progress of society

slowly pay attention to practical basic functions

began to appear more pursuit in the sense of aesthetics

the purer the home space

the more able to express the aesthetics of life

space aesthetics, originated from life and higher than life

and pure, is to simplify all decoration

less is more, minimalism is to reduce

delete complexity, Abandon flashy

and leave pure colors

and simple decorations

the research and development of Shangjia minimalist series products

is precisely to meet the requirements of the new generation of consumers for simple life

wooden doors, Open thousands of lives

for most people,

life is a cycle of "three points and one line"

Shangjia makes life a little more changed

start with a minimalist wooden door

a family a world

a life bit by bit

a door will open an unlimited possibility

parapet, Extension of simplicity aesthetics

from wooden door to parapet

Shangjia uses integrated space aesthetics

to make the design perfectly match the scene

new product system, New customization aesthetics

Shangjia brings you systematic space solutions

integrate refinement and quality into every detail of life

proposition of life and space

has been enduring in the long river of customization

Shangjia integrates aesthetics into life with the new customization system of "wooden door + parapet wall"

defines space with pure color

opens the new aesthetics of customized space

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