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There is a rush to buy new energy vehicles in many places in the industry: it is related to the decline of subsidies

according to the voice of economics world finance and economics, recently, a rush to buy new energy vehicles swept through 4S stores in many places in China. A car Hailing operator purchased 650 cars at one time. Industry insiders believe that the hot sales of new energy vehicles are related to the gradual decline of subsidies

in recent months, many new energy vehicle 4S stores in Beijing have been much busier than before. Mr. Wang, the general manager of a 4S store, said that the display cars in the store had become a hot commodity: "there were 7 exhibition cars in our showroom, but now there are only two. The exhibition cars have been digested."

similar to the booming sales of new energy vehicles in Beijing, the sales of new energy vehicles have been rising in recent months according to the data from Shanghai Municipal Commission of economy and information technology. Last November it was 8000, and in December it exceeded 10000. In this regard, the China Automobile Industry Association said that the main reason for the centralized rush purchase of new energy vehicles in the market was the gradual decline of subsidies

This will not affect the accuracy.

the Ministry of industry and information technology has previously said that the subsidy for new energy vehicles will decline steadily by stages and will be fully withdrawn by 2020. The new energy automobile industry will also be driven by the government to the market. Shenjinjun, President of China Automobile Circulation Association, said that the gradual decline of subsidies will become an important turning point for the new energy automobile industry to move towards marketization. He said: "the government should step back slowly. It must give full play to the market mechanism to eliminate the fittest. If we always rely on policies, the market will not be cultivated."

in this context, new energy automobile enterprises began to sign projects with car hailing, car leasing, etc. to reduce the impact of subsidy decline. Mr. Zeng, who is engaged in the sales of new energy vehicles, said that many large orders had been signed in the store, and there was even a situation that the supply exceeded the demand

the data released by the China Association of automobile manufacturers shows that the problem of electromagnetic interference is becoming more and more serious. In 2017, 777000 new energy vehicles were sold in total, an increase of 53.3% year-on-year, and achieved a month on month growth throughout the year

with the gradual decline of new energy vehicle subsidies, will the popularity of the new energy vehicle industry be reduced this year? As early as the end of last year, many companies said that they would invest more energy and financial resources to compete for the new energy vehicle market in 2018. "The policy of the whole country is to provide some opportunities for the development of pure electric vehicles, whether it is taxis or car Hailing." Yanchen, CEO of Shenzhen Tengshi New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., said

expert: the decline of subsidies will not affect the rapid development momentum of new energy vehicles

since last year, Shanghai Weilai, BAIC and other companies have launched new energy vehicles, and it is also reported that Tesla will build factories in China. On the one hand, the subsidy is declining. On the other hand, the industry operation is more market-oriented in terms of accessories such as upper and lower pressing plates, zigzag supports, zigzag indenters, shear seats, and shear blades. In the opinion of electric vehicle observer qiukaijun, although the subsidy for new energy vehicles is declining, it will not affect its rapid development momentum by properly regulating the speed valve according to the loading speed

the medium and long term development plan of the automobile industry shows that by 2020, the annual production and sales of new energy vehicles will reach 2million, which means that the cake of the new energy automobile industry will be bigger and the competition will be more intense. Under competition, there will naturally be the survival of the fittest. The heads of many enterprises said that the current pressure still exists. Zhaochangjiang, general manager of BYD Automobile Sales Co., Ltd., stressed that providing good products, services and a broader product line to consumers is the direction of the industry

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