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Put safety in the first place - Lovol mine safety underground loader

put safety in the first place - Lovol mine safety underground loader

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Luohe iron mine of Maanshan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. in Anhui Province, the proved reserves of the mining area are more than 500million tons, and the current annual mining volume is 3million tons. The mining of iron ore is all carried out under the shaft of more than 500 meters. As a project manager of the mining group, hexiaolong has a deeper understanding of the word "safety" than ordinary people

"The roadway depth of our Luohe mine has reached 560m, and the special underground environment has higher requirements for mining and excavation equipment. Due to the narrow space, the loaders working underground can not be installed with cabs, so special protective sheds are required. At the beginning, our project purchased two Lovol 9shred buddy loaders, which seem to be a useful multi-function tool 56 loader. It has good use effect, strong power and low failure rate, and the drivers have a high evaluation of it. ”

the outstanding quality and low failure rate of Lovol loaders left a deep impression on hexiaolong for the exhibition space of advanced production capacity. In 2013, the state issued a safety policy for resonant downhole machines with such resonant conditions as quality and hydraulic spring system, requiring that mechanical products used underground must have a mine safety license. With new product demands, hexiaolong thought of Lovol for the first time. "Later, the state required that downhole products must have a mine safety license. Lovol specially developed and designed this 50E mine safety downhole model for our enterprise, which is safer and more reliable."

Lovol loader underground work

"Safety, first of all, braking safety. Most l50e loaders are in the early stage of construction and development. L50e loaders contain three independent braking systems. One is service braking, the other is parking braking, and the other is emergency braking. The service braking adopts the patented technology with Lovol's independent intellectual property rights, which is characterized by independent front and rear axle braking. There are four sets of braking circuits, which can ensure the braking safety of the whole machine on the premise that any circuit plays a role All. " Sunchangliang, director of Lovol engineering machinery loader technology center, said

to meet the requirements of national green mines, Lovol ZL50E loader has added a water treatment device with Lovol's independent intellectual property rights in terms of post-treatment on the basis of meeting the national three emission requirements. This set of water treatment device further reduces smoke and particle emissions and provides a green working environment and space for drivers and passengers. In 2013, Lovol loader was the first industrial product to obtain underground mining certification. With excellent product performance and stable product quality, it is favored by users

Lovol loaders work underground

at the same time, the service of Lovol and its dealers has won the praise of manager hexiaolong: "the reason why we love Lovol products is that Lovol products are reliable and reliable, and Lovol dealers set up service points at the gate of the mining area, which has improved service efficiency."

safe and environmental protection, reliable quality and considerate service. The actual performance of Lovol ZL50E loader has been highly praised by Mr. He: "in the future, with the continuous increase of mining volume in the mining area, it is expected that the annual mining volume will reach more than 10 million tons. We will continue to cooperate with Lovol."

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