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The planning and construction center of the Ministry of education joined hands with Darnay to promote the integration of artificial intelligence production and education. On March 26, the second batch of projects of "ai+ intelligent learning" jointly built by the school planning, construction and development center of the Ministry of education and Darnay education group was held at the school planning, construction and development center of the Ministry of education. After strict selection by the planning and construction center of the Ministry of education, 31 colleges and universities entered the primary list to compete for the construction qualification of the second batch of pilot colleges and universities. The project leaders of the colleges and Universities Participating in the defense elaborated the implementation conditions for the implementation of the project in terms of the introduction of relevant basic conditions of the school, the characteristics of talent training for school enterprise cooperation, the construction plan of Artificial Intelligence College, the combination of industrial application innovation points and local industries

wangwansen, director of the Education Working Committee of the Chinese Association of artificial intelligence, deputy leader of the professional collaboration group of "intelligent science and technology" of the Ministry of education, Professor of Capital Normal University and former dean of the school of information engineering, chief expert of the "innovation experiment of integration of industry and education in Higher Education" project of the school planning, construction and development center of the Ministry of education The former presidents of Xuzhou Institute of engineering include hanbaoping, a new TPE grade that can adhere to various engineering plastic materials, mengqingguo, chairman of the National University of Applied Technology (College) alliance and former party secretary of the granulator operation interruption feeding science of Tianjin Vocational and Technical Normal University, and wumaqun, deputy director of the industrial and Information Technology Executive Committee and former president of Beijing Institute of information technology, as the review experts

"ai+ intelligent learning" co construction artificial intelligence college project expert review site since the official launch of the application for the second batch of pilot colleges and universities of the project, it has been widely concerned by colleges and universities. After strict evaluation and screening, and full communication with colleges and universities, 31 colleges and universities are competing for the qualification for the construction of the second batch of pilot colleges and universities of the project. The project expert group will assess the applicant universities in accordance with the principle of "university application, enterprise docking and scheme optimization", focusing on the willingness and determination of the applicant universities to carry out educational transformation and reform, the positioning and planning of artificial intelligence colleges, the school enterprise cooperation construction scheme for the integration of industry and education, and the guarantee of resource investment

it is reported that the list of the second batch of pilot institutions will be announced in the near future. The center and Darnay jointly set up a project management committee and an artificial intelligence industry Education Alliance to vigorously promote the training of artificial intelligence professionals in pilot universities around the key work of strategic resource introduction, core node construction, collaborative innovation mechanism and so on

"ai+ intelligent learning" co building artificial intelligence college project application colleges and universities conduct remote defense

artificial intelligence policy dividends continue to release the urgency of talent training in Colleges and universities

in recent years, the topic of artificial intelligence has been hot. The State Council issued the development plan for a new generation of artificial intelligence, and the Ministry of Education issued the action plan for artificial intelligence innovation in Colleges and universities, This year, artificial intelligence has been written into the premier's government work report for the third consecutive year. The report proposed "intelligence +" for the first time, enabling the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry. The government work report also pointed out that we should deepen the R & D and application of big data and artificial intelligence, cultivate new generation of information technology, high-end equipment, biomedicine, new energy vehicles, new materials and other emerging industrial clusters, and expand the digital economy

talents should take the lead in industrial development. In order to become the world highland of artificial intelligence, China must start to cultivate a large number of innovative and applied talents who can adapt to the development of artificial intelligence industry. However, the subject construction of artificial intelligence in Chinese universities is still immature, and there are many problems, such as lack of teaching materials, lack of teachers, lack of training environment and so on. How to make artificial intelligence more scientific? How can the subject of artificial intelligence be implemented in Colleges and universities in the tide of China's industrial upgrading? In order to facilitate the development of metal impact testing machine, how to train talents in line with market demand and better serve the economy has become the focus of academic circles in the industry

the deep integration of politics, industry, education and research enables the cultivation of artificial intelligence talents in Colleges and universities

in January 2018, the school planning, construction and development center of the Ministry of education cooperated with Darnay education group to launch the "ai+ intelligent learning" co construction artificial intelligence college project. As the implementer of the project, Dane education group, together with Baidu, Microsoft and Amazon AWS, has realized the two wheel drive through "jointly building an artificial intelligence College" and "Ai Education Innovation Research Institute", which, on the one hand, alleviates the talent gap of artificial intelligence, and on the other hand, mainly studies the improvement of education quality by artificial intelligence technology. The project plans to select 100 colleges and universities nationwide over a period of years, improve the training of artificial intelligence professionals from the four dimensions of "production, teaching, learning and research", and comprehensively cover the professional construction, teacher construction, resource construction, scientific research transformation and achievement promotion of colleges and universities

under the guidance of the "big platform +" strategy of the school planning and construction development center of the Ministry of education, with the purpose of serving employment and economic and social development, the project implementer integrates various resources and innovates the training mode of response times involving data and information storage if it wants to analyze it again, vigorously promotes talent training, deepens the integration of industry and education, school enterprise cooperation, and forms discipline development, training quality, teacher training The six enabling systems of industry extension, resource accumulation and education extension serve the development of universities and economy, and share the interests and resources with universities, enterprises and governments

national college leaders, teachers and students came to AI application innovation center of artificial intelligence pilot colleges to visit and guide

last July, 28 colleges and universities were identified as the first batch of project pilot schools, including 19 undergraduate colleges and 9 higher vocational colleges. The implementation unit and the first batch of pilot colleges and universities have entered the project negotiation and implementation stage. After the completion of the AI application innovation center of Zaozhuang College, Shanwei vocational and technical college and Beijing Vocational College of economic management, more than 100 educational leaders and college teachers and students have come to visit and guide

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