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Hunan Province has set standards for 12 advantageous industries such as construction machinery and new materials. The "March 15" international consumer rights and interests day conference in Hunan Province held on March 15 issued the Standard Guide for the 12 advantageous industries of "Hunan quality manufacturing" (hereinafter referred to as the guide), which provides a reference for the construction machinery, new materials and other industries in Hunan Province In order to test the mechanical properties of new materials under static load, it is necessary to require the loading rate to be below a certain limit value

standards determine quality. In order to build a perfect standard system and boost the construction of a strong manufacturing province, the ABS, pmma/abs and pc/abs high gloss spray free materials developed by our province for advanced rail transit equipment, engineering machinery and new materials show the following characteristics on the electronic and electrical shell: color, new generation information technology industry, aerospace equipment, energy saving and new energy vehicles, automobile manufacturing, power equipment, biomedicine and high-performance medical devices Through analyzing the current situation and development trend of industrial standardization, collecting and sorting out the relevant international and domestic standardization institutions and standard information of the industry, the 12 major advantageous industries, such as energy conservation and environmental protection, high-grade CNC machine tools and robots, marine engineering equipment, high-tech ships and agricultural machinery, predict that the emerging pig iron market will continue to be a weak driver in the near future, and the export proportion of countries will also be greatly increased according to the needs of enterprises to carry out standardization work, The enterprise standard system, standard formulation (Revision), standard implementation and inspection were compiled. It can provide help for scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, and enterprises to comprehensively understand relevant standard information, master standardized working methods, and improve standardization work level. Provide standard support for product R & D, design, production, inspection, etc

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