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To create an "original place" for green printing

the nano material green plate making and printing technology independently developed by China, which does not require photosensitive imaging, will not pollute the environment and shorten the printing process, has been applied to the printing of national official publications in the industrialization base of nano material green printing and printing technology in Huairou science and Education Industrial Park of Chinese Academy of Sciences recently, marking that the technology has moved from the laboratory to the market

as the first project of Huairou science and Education Industrial Park jointly established by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Beijing municipal government, green printing has opened a new era in Huairou, which may be a new opportunity for the flagging printing industry. But at the same time, the opening of green printing globalization means that global printing has entered a new era. People seem to see that the printing industry in the future is full of joy and green. In Huairou, the nano base has begun to sprout. It is the first to settle in the Beijing nano material green printing technology industrialization base, including the Institute of chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He said that two major industrialization projects, the new generation plate making technology project based on nano materials and the nano material green printing printed circuit board project, cover a total area of 60 mu, with a total investment of more than 100million yuan in the first phase of the project. Songyanlin, a researcher of the Institute of chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and general manager of Beijing zhongkona new printing technology Co., Ltd., introduced that the industrialization base of nano material green printing technology was built in response to the national strategic emerging industry plan for the 12th Five Year Plan and the implementation of the strategic industrial deployment of science and Technology Beijing, green Beijing and humanistic Beijing. The base mainly supports the new generation of plate making technology based on nano materials and the industrialization of nano material green printing printed circuit board for major scientific and technological projects in Beijing. Future products include nano material printed circuit board, green printing plate making equipment, printing media and related software

at present, China's printing industry has developed into one of the industries that have an important impact on China's national economy. The completion and operation of the industrialization base of green printing technology for nano materials means that a new high-end industrial chain with independent core technology and a value of hundreds of billions of yuan was born in Huairou, which will significantly drive and enhance the development and upgrading of Huairou's instrument industry in the first innovative period

the phase I project of Beijing nano materials green printing technology industrialization base integrates the functions of scientific research and production, comprehensive office, application display, ancillary services, etc. it is mainly used for the industrialization of nano materials green printing plate making technology and nano materials green printing circuit preparation technology. Its main products include nano transfer materials, super hydrophilic plates, green printing plate making equipment and related software Nano material printing, flexible circuit printing, RF antenna and IOT application

in April this year, Beijing nanotechnology Industrial Park, which is committed to the application of nanotechnology in the four major fields of energy, electronics, environment and biomedicine, was unveiled, and the downstream travel should be limited to drive the rapid cluster development of various links in the industrial chain of computer parts manufacturing, such as nano materials, nano processing and nano devices. It is expected to achieve an output value of 12billion yuan. After the completion of the industrial park, it will become an important nanotechnology R & D and production base in China

at present, the Beijing nanotechnology Industrial Park has settled 10 nanotechnology projects, such as songyanlin's Zhongke natong technology company's green printing RFID electronic tag and Academician Wang Zhonglin's nano energy and System Research Institute

green printing original land

compared with the existing technology, the new generation plate making technology based on nano materials is like changing the traditional film photography into digital photography, omitting the cumbersome processes such as exposure, development and development, reducing the process flow, completely overcoming the chemical pollution caused by the photosensitive development process, reducing the printing cost while achieving zero emission, and having comprehensive advantages in many aspects and independent intellectual property rights, It is of revolutionary significance to the upgrading of China's printing industry

it is understood that there is no technology similar to nano green plate making in foreign countries. Although foreign countries have improved the plate making system, which will eliminate the film part, they still use the photosensitive imaging principle for plate making, which can not fundamentally solve the problem of environmental pollution caused by chemical washing. Huairou, therefore, has become the original place of global green printing

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