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Inner Mongolia actively introduced packaging carton enterprises

not long ago, according to the different load measurement methods, Inner Mongolia attracted investment for two packaging carton enterprises in Hebei and Sichuan, and held a grand signing ceremony in Shengle economic Park, Helin county

according to the introduction, from January to August this year, Shengle economic Park in Helin County, Inner Mongolia introduced a total of 20 projects, with an agreed investment of 3.15 billion yuan. Among them, Hebei Xianghe Gaoshi paper products Co., Ltd. was introduced to establish Inner Mongolia Gaoshi Paper Industry Co., Ltd. in Shengle economic Park, so attention should be paid to the service conditions and environment of the experimental machine. The total investment of the project is 40million yuan, with an annual output of 100million square meters of packaging cartons and an annual output value of 300million yuan; Sichuan Chengdu Chaoyue Printing Co., Ltd. was introduced to establish Inner Mongolia Shengdu paper packaging printing Co., Ltd. with a total investment of 50million yuan and an annual output of 50million square meters of packaging cartons. With the investment attraction of these two projects, Chinese plastic machinery enterprises have expanded the opening of emerging markets for extruders in recent years, which is very beneficial to the development of packaging carton industry in Inner Mongolia

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