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Inner Mongolia Baotou Institute of quality assurance has completed the cooperation and sharing of instruments

in order to implement the national overall deployment and arrangement on the opening and sharing of acute hemodynamic instability caused by large-scale scientific instruments due to dialysis membranes to the society, according to the requirements of the notice on continuing to collect instruments on the cooperation and sharing platform of large-scale scientific instruments and equipment issued by Baotou science and Technology Bureau in 2017, Inner Mongolia Baotou Institute of quality and Metrology actively cooperated with Baotou science and technology innovation service center on the classification of lamp shell protection grade gb7001 ⑴ 986, and successfully completed the member registration and 130 sets of large-scale instruments and equipment collaborative sharing information collection and entry on the Baotou large-scale scientific instruments and equipment collaborative sharing platform

Baotou large-scale scientific instruments and equipment cooperation and sharing platform in Inner Mongolia currently has 47 registered units, 945 sets of instruments and equipment, with a total value of 350million yuan. It is a data platform for Baotou scientific instruments and equipment cooperation and sharing, promoting the crazy state of private investment and national investment in scientific instruments in China, and the efficient utilization and rational allocation of resources

as the only legal metrological verification and product inspection institution in Baotou, Baotou Institute of quality and metrology has always been in the leading position in Baotou and its surrounding areas in terms of comprehensive inspection and testing service capabilities such as instruments and equipment, personnel quality and technical service level, with a wide range of inspection and testing resources and great social influence

joining the Baotou large-scale scientific instruments and equipment cooperation and sharing platform to realize resource sharing and complementary advantages is an important measure for Baotou Institute of quality and design to improve its capacity, innovative services, transformation and upgrading in 2018, which lays a solid foundation for the next step to realize the sharing of technical service resources, establish a new alliance for inspection and testing, and better serve the sustainable development of local economy

instrument sharing is a concept introduced by some domestic enterprises from abroad in recent years to save the purchase and maintenance costs of large-scale instruments and equipment. It refers to that after scientific research institutions, enterprises or individuals in a certain region purchase certain instruments and equipment, other enterprises or individuals in the region do not need to repeat the purchase, but borrow the instruments and equipment with the help of relevant government policies. This mode saves a lot of money for scientific research institutes, enterprises or individuals, and enterprises that purchase the instrument and equipment will also enjoy state subsidies

from international experience, developed countries generally have funding funds specifically for large-scale scientific research instruments. In order to improve the sharing of some instrument funding projects, it is also specially stipulated that 2-3 scholars who have received research funding are required to jointly initiate to be eligible for application

this practice in foreign countries is also a good experience. From the beginning of the design of the special funds for instruments, the problem of sharing has been considered, such as how many shared users can purchase. It is believed that the establishment of special funds can improve the use efficiency of large-scale instruments to some extent. In order to spend the funds for purchasing scientific research instruments, which are also the basic requirements for laboratory personnel in the project budget, some research groups have bought scientific research instruments that have been left idle in the corridor for a long time, and some have not even unpacked

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